Monday 14 December 2015

Boho Chic Home Décor : How to DIY a Dreamcatcher!

I've always loved dreamcatchers. There's something magical about them that makes you feel safe and protected.
Legend has it that dreamcatchers would filter out all the bad dreams allowing only good dreams to filter through. Bad dreams would get caught in the net and disappear with the rising sun and good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.
Today, Lana Hawkins, one of our popular guest bloggers is back with a über cool guest post on dreamcatchers and how to DIY one for your home.
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Boho Chic Home Décor
Boho chic home décor is flourishing nowadays. The reason for this is that it really gives you the opportunity to express your inner self and have fun while decorating your home. It lets you set your inner hippie free and have your free spirit play with luxurious fabrics, beautiful vibrant colours and amazing patterns to get your own special bohemian retreat. The key elements of the style are personal touch, warm atmosphere and unique décor.

One of the simplest to make and most unique décor accessories is a dreamcatcher. It fits perfectly into boho style with its unrepeatable forms and limitless choices of decoration. Below are instructions on how to easily make one yourself.

How to DIY a Dream Catcher 

Step 1. To start, you will need a circle. Dream catchers were traditionally made of willow branches. If you can lay your hands on some branches, you will get an even more unique piece, but this will require some additional effort. Another option is a wire (it needs to bend easily but does not break). Use a ball, or a jar, or anything round, to bend the wire around it if you want your dream catcher to have a regular shape. The third and most common option is the inner ring of an embroidery hoop, which is perfectly circular and ready‐made.
Step 2. For the second step you will need some yarn. The number of colours depends on your imagination and creative ideas. Then come the embellishments, which can be as diverse as you want them to be (fabrics, ribbons, lace, beads, feathers, etc.). Once you have made or chosen the right hoop, take some yarn and wrap it tightly around the hoop.

Step 3. Now, you need to make the actual ‘catcher’ of dreams. For this purpose, you can crochet a doily from yarn and stretch it in the embroidery hoop, or weave a net. There are many weaving patterns, from simple to complex, but the simplest one is to place 11 pins as markers around the hoop at approximately the same distance from each other. Assign a number from 1 to 11 to each of the markers. Then tie a knot at the marker number 1 and wrap the yarn around the hoop at each marker following this pattern: 1‐5‐9‐2‐6‐10‐3‐7‐11‐4‐8‐1.

Step 4. Tie the yarn again at the end and cut off any loose ends. Knot your ribbons and some more yarn at the bottom, add beads, pendants, feathers, dry branches and flowers, or anything you can find in nature, and your personal scraps and treasures, and you will make a perfect dream catcher.

Dream Catchers for Every Room

Dreamcatchers are excellent décor accessories since they add personality to every home. They go really well with boho chic style because of the vibrant colours, organic natural elements, and their mystic spirit. In a modern minimalist home, this detail would be a perfect accent piece on a bare white wall. 
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Bedroom imposes as a logical choice, but you can hang your dream catcher in any room.

A dreamcatcher would look great with outdoor furniture. You can sit on your patio and daydream with your dreamcatcher above your head. Imagine sitting in your winter garden, or on your balcony, surrounded by plants, wrapped in a warm blanket, sipping hot tea, and enjoying the cosiness. All this perfect picture is missing is a colourful dream catcher to contrast the green of the plants.

If you have kids, hang a dream catcher above their beds and tell them the story behind it. Good dreams are sure to come along.
Do you want to chase the nightmares away? With a dream catcher, you will.

About the Author
Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and a crafty girl from Sydney. She enjoys cooking and knitting. Also, Lana loves writing about home decor and landscaping whenever she gets a chance. Follow Lana on Twitter.

I'm so inspired to make a dreamcatcher for my baby girl Elie's room now!

If you have a favourite style of dreamcatcher, share with us or if you have made one for your home, we'd love to see it!

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Good luck!

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