Wednesday 23 August 2017

7 Smart Design Ideas To Hide Your TV!

Gone are the days of displaying a bulky television console in the middle of the room – the focal point for everyone to admire. And even though television sets today are getting thinner and sleeker, a big black TV up on the wall or an entertainment unit can still encroach upon the interior design and style of any room.

However, since it is almost impossible to exclude a TV from any home, most of us are choosing to hide our television sets in all sorts of ingenious ways that match our unique home décor. Let’s take a look at a few of the sneaky and smart ways we can hide this modern necessity.

Behind Art
Using art panels to hide the TV when it’s not in use ensures that the room décor is kept harmonious, and keeps all the wires and other electronics in the wall. Home media specialists can help make the process painless, making sure all the electronics are secure while leaving clients with exactly the style they seek. They’ll also make sure that there is enough ventilation to ensure the electronics don’t overheat.

Behind Decorative Panels
Adding a sliding panel above the fireplace and placing the flatscreen television behind the panel, so you can pull it open when you want to use it – and hide it when you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful fire is another smart way of concealing the modern eyesore.

Hide in Plain Sight
Invest in a TV Lift Cabinet to hide the television when it’s not in use. With a push of a button, the television instantly appears (and disappears). Plus, with cable and satellite boxes, Wii, Xbox, cords and games, the cabinets provide storage for all the clutter that accompanies the entertainment areas in the home. Create a special nook behind the paneling and add a swivel to reveal the television. This requires a deep enough niche to handle the size of the TV unit. With a range of armoires and cabinets on offer, this is a clever way of multi-using a piece of furniture!

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Consider adding a television that is also a mirror. There are many great options and sizes to choose from. Many people incorporate the mirror among art and photographs, so that they have an interesting wall display for all to see. The mirror (and television) become art!

How about in the bathroom for watching the morning news?

Inside the Bookshelf
Keeping your TV amongst other decorative furniture makes for a sleek presentation. Get a bookshelf and add panels that open and close based on your choice of entertainment for the lazy afternoon.

In the Bedroom
The bedroom should be a place of peace and quiet, devoid of electronic gadgets, however some of us choose to have a TV in the bedroom. However, rather than hanging your flat screen on the wall and having cords hanging around, try a foot-of-the-bed TV Lift Cabinet. These nifty cabinets are finished on all four sides, and the TV pops up when you want to watch your favourite shows. When you’re sleepy, just press the remote and hey presto...your TV disappears until the next time.

Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom or yes, even your bathroom for the morning news, the possibilities are endless for enjoying (and hiding) a television on demand.

Do you have a beautiful living room decorated in the most stylish of ways, in the current design trends and you feel that a big black bulky TV set is completely ruining the interior design of your room? Then use one of the seven clever ways mentioned in this article to disguise or conceal your television set.

And even though a sleek and seamless, not to mention beautifully crafted TV lift cabinet is slightly more expensive that just having the TV on the wall or popping it on the entertainment unit, in my opinion, the cost of hiding the television set whether it be in a motorised cabinet or as a mirror or art, transforms any room into a more elegant sophisticated space, offsetting the cost of the installation.

Till next time... what do you think- is the television set an eye sore or eye candy?

This post was created in collaboration with TVLiftCabinet, specialising in TV lift cabinets that elegantly and efficiently elevate and hide a television, and TV Mirrors where the TV is incorporated into the mirror. Two great home design options to hide a television on demand! As always, all thoughts and opinions are all mine and genuine and I only ever work with brands that I love and I think you will too.

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