Tuesday 28 August 2018

How to Make Moving Home a Positive Experience!

Moving to a new house is such an exciting time. I love the opportunity it brings to reorganise all of my things, declutter drawers and closets, and begin daydreaming on redecorating in a new space. But let’s be honest, moving isn’t all filled with positive emotions. Stress, anxiety and even dread are emotions that may come up for some when the topic of moving house is brought up.

If you are about to move to a new home and are feeling a bit stuck on how to move forward with a positive attitude then this article is for you. Read on for top tips on how to make moving to a new home a positive and fun experience.

The Actual Move
Moving into a new home would probably be a far more positive experience if you didn’t have to actually move all of your stuff into a new home. I should know, I have moved countless times in the last twenty years. Four of those moves being International. The last time we moved we did something that I now know I cannot live without - we hired removalists in Melbourne.

I can’t think of another service that is so worth the money. I did all the organising and planning, and someone else came in and packed up all my stuff then unpacked it on the other side! I am still in shock of how enjoyable this made the whole moving experience.

Seize the Day
Maybe you are like me and find yourself moving often. Or maybe you have been in the same house for 30 years. Regardless of your situation, try to view moving as the golden opportunity to tidy up your life. Set aside a lot of time to go through your things and declutter. Receipts you have been holding on to for a decade, a flyer from a nature cruise from three years ago, a shirt that you haven’t worn in five years - toss or donate these items. Your new you in your new home with your perfectly organised drawers and closets will thank you!

Moving Day Survival Kit
This is something I did on the most recent move and it was such a hit! Often moving day is a bit chaotic and all of your stuff is, well, packed up and you can’t use it! You would be surprised how many times during moving day you will try to reach for something only to remember, yet again, that everything is boxed and packed. Here enters the moving day survival kit. Pack a kit with things like toiletries, snacks, drinks, cutlery and plates if needed and a phone charger. And cold beer, obviously you are going to need a way to get beer cold for this survival kit or a bottle of red!

Start Early
Preparation is key! If I had to move in the next couple of months, the old me would look at that as heaps of time to prepare. But the seasoned mover knows that I will need those two months to adequately prepare for a smooth sailing moving day. My preparation begins now, and I would tackle each corner of the house until everything left in the old house is a total necessity in the new house. 

If a new house is on the horizon, then don’t wait until the very last minute to get the ball rolling. Moving day doesn’t need to be full of stress and anxiety. Just the opposite. It should be full of opportunity and excitement. Planning, preparation and hiring the right help on the day will see you floating effortlessly into your new abode.

Till next time... make moving home a positive experience!

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