Sunday 24 February 2019

Top Tips To Brighten Up Your Home!

The brightness of a space can impact so much on how your home looks and feels. It impacts your mood, your guests, and it can even make your home features look dull. However you can give your home the best outlook by investing in the brightness of your home. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s our top tips to harnessing light in your home.

The right curtains and blinds
First and foremost, your windows are of course the most important consideration when discussing light in your home. They are often the only source of light, so you need to be smart with how you frame them. Sheer curtains and plantation shutters are a popular solution for many homeowners. They are white and light in design, and can filter in large amounts of light while still offering privacy. Frame your windows with the right tools, so that you can harness as much brightness into those spaces that need it most. Depending on the build of your home, you can also explore the cost and process of adding ceiling to floor windows or large bay window in your home. This may be an expensive option, but worth looking into.

Skylights are one of the first things prescribed by interior designers. Why? They give so much incremental light to homes of all sizes and styles, and they are completely unobtrusive. Artificial light can only take you so far, and it’s not always the right vibe at various points in the day. Talk to a skylight provider today, and discuss your lighting complications to find out where and how many they would recommend for your space. Also remember that luxury additions like skylights are yet another feature that will add value to your home.

Strategic colours
The brightness of your home is absolutely influenced by the colours you choose to paint your home with. Those maroon or navy walls, while bold, will not make your home seem bright - regardless of what time of day it is. Choose a lighter paint palette or neutral colours to inject some brightness into your home. Having white or light walls is an easy way to increase your brightness tenfold, and it provides a blank canvas for you to inject fun and bright cushions, table clothes, couch throws and occasional furniture. 

Balance the weight of a room
So you have lots of light, the right colours, and it still doesn’t feel quite bright enough? You may have a heavy room on your hands. As the old saying goes, less is more. And too many items, furniture and cluttered bookshelves and tables will give your room a weight that is hard to balance. Do a critical assessment of each room, and nominate what can be removed or repurposed. Balancing your space is hard to do because you grow attached to your belongings, but if they are serving no purpose other than sucking the bright life from your home - they may have to go. There is even a movement where people are living without furniture altogether. You can enlist the help of a trusted friend to give you a neutral opinion on what you can stand to lose from the room.

The quest to a brighter home is one that will bring you much joy, and give you a more relaxing space to unwind or entertain your family and friends. For many, this is a lifelong pursuit so don’t be disheartened if your home isn’t too much brighter by the end of the week. Start with your more important rooms first, and then roll your efforts out to the greater home.

Till next time... keep it simple, keep it bright!

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