Sunday 28 April 2019

Beyond Renovation - When to Consider a Knock Down Rebuild Project!

With renovation-based television shows such as The Block and House Rules consistently attracting audiences all around Australia, it appears that the renovation bug is far from leaving our system. Instead, the scope of renovation work is expected to rise, with the number of houses in Australia aged 30 - 35 years set to increase, leading to the requirement of more renovation work.

While renovating a space an option for consideration is a complete knock-down rebuild project. These projects involve the demolition of a space/ house, followed by the complete rebuild with a fresh, new design of your choosing. If you are looking for a change in your living or working area, and are not sure whether a knock-down rebuild project is the right call, this is the article for you. Whether you seek a Melbourne or Sydney knock down rebuild, here are some questions you should consider to determine whether or not this journey is for you. 

Property Location
When looking for a new home or office space, a knock down rebuild project could be considered. This is because often we find suitable locations for our new homes or offices, but the current structure  may not be completely suitable or appropriate for family size or commercial business needs. In these instances, a knock down rebuild will allow you to maintain the existing benefits of location, while also giving you power over the structure built there.
Location plays a part in the decision of whether or not you should undertake a knock-down rebuild of the existing structure. If your situation is such that your current house is not suitable to your needs, whether that be age, size or any other factor, then knocking it down and rebuilding it could be a viable option to overcome these problems. 

Project Budget
Another instance in which a knock down rebuild project should be considered is if extensive renovations are required for your existing property. Renovations can be extremely expensive, with the Housing Industry Association reporting that by 2021, the renovations market in Australia will be worth over $35 billion.

Choosing a knock-down rebuild project over renovation works provides an additional benefit; it prevents you from adhering to certain structural restrictions determined by the framework of the existing property. It takes renovation a step further, allowing a complete revamp of the entire property tailored to your specific needs. 

Build Timeline
In each of these cases, it is important to consider the extra time required for a knock-down rebuild project to take place. Prior to any work being done, demolition of the existing property must occur. While this process is relatively quick, the time taken to obtain the required permits can be extensive. Furthermore, after the demolition process has been completed, the rebuild timeline is an important one to consider.

If you have an abundance of time to complete your project, then a knock-down rebuild project should is a great option. If you are short on time, then consider an alternative options such as a smaller renovation project or buying another property.

There are many reasons to consider a knock down rebuild project, with location and renovation requirements only describing a couple. In the end, your home is your own, so make wise and informed decisions regarding its requirements based on your budget.

If you have any questions regarding permits for knock down rebuild projects, visit your state or territory government website, or contact your local council. 

Till next time... good luck with your renovation project!

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