Friday 17 May 2019

Tap-ping into the Latest Trends!

Modern or classic, chrome or matte black, choosing tapware can be a true test. Whether you’re doing a complete home renovation, or just fixing up the fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, here’s a summary of the latest trends to tap into and tips for choosing your tapware from Nick Swan of leading tapware and shower brand, Methven.

Hot Tap Trends
Organic, round styles and shapes continue to be the most popular designs as compared to the more geometric, sharper designs. What is increasingly becoming more popular is the combination of the two with a square foundation softened at the edges and complemented with curves. Such a soft square design has greater versatility in design as it has the ability to complement both round and square aesthetics.

Small, petite tapware is having a moment as trends move to a more minimalist aesthetic which demands simple, subtle choices.

Chrome continues to be the most popular finish followed by Matte Black. However, what we are seeing is almost a blending of these two most popular finishes with Graphite and Gun Metal growing in popularity and demand.

Stainless steel is proving more and more popular not only for the industrial finish and design, but also for its sustainable properties. Long-lasting and hard-waring, stainless steel can be re-purposed for reuse and reconditioning and devoid of any lead it also helps preserve water.
[Waipori Basin Mixer]

Statement Styles
A high-rise or vessel basin mixer over a stand-alone basin can make a real statement in a bathroom. It also gives you the opportunity to get creative with tapware placement. Traditionally the tap would be placed at the back of the basin – however with a high-rise/vessel mixer you can place it to the side of the basin.

Wall mounted basin tapware can be an easy way to create a statement in a bathroom. With it being wall mounted, the tapware is typically positioned higher and closer to the eye line – catching people’s attention and drawing their curiosity.

When selecting kitchen tapware, look for pull-out or pull-down sink mixers which add a touch of class to the space. Inspired by industrial kitchens, these types of mixers provide a higher degree of moveability in and around the sink as-well-as looking striking. Look for the Culinary range from Methven.
[Culinary Gaston Pull Down]

Tapware To Last
A round minimalist design in a chrome or metallic finish will stand the test of time. Chrome and metallic finishes will always be the most popular finishes as they pair with everything – meaning you can update your bathroom design and styling without having to change your tapware. Look for simple classic shapes which are unlikely to date as trends change. For example, Glide & Blaze tapware collections from Methven.

3-piece tapware can be another safe option, heralding back to a traditional style of tapware. It can also save time if you don’t want to re-arrange plumbing fixtures you can always retro-fit to existing pipework with new spindles and tapware to refresh a design.
[Waipori Wall Top Assemblies with Basin Spout]

Top Tapware Tips
Gather options together, take your time and do your research. Create a mood board or a scrapbook of design ideas and products. Then go and find those (or similar) products on display so you can feel the quality and get a sense of how the product feels as you use it.
Once you are happy with the basin tapware selected, it will be part of a family or range which you can use to complete your bathroom so the design looks cohesive. The basin mixer is typically the foundation of a tapware collection.

Once tapware has been decided upon, look for complementary showers and accessories to complete your look. Add a touch luxury with shower spray technologies such as Aurajet®, VJet® or Satinjet® from Methven.
[Turoa collection]

Perfect Pairings
A free-standing basin will require either a wall mounted tapware set or a hob(deck) mounted high-rise/vessel. A wall mounted tapware set can be a great way to keep your vanity bench top clear & allow space for other items.

Consider the spout length of the tapware selected in regards to the basin itself. If the spout is too long or too short, it can result in water splashing out of the basin. Ideally, water should be directed towards the waste/drain. Getting this marriage of basin drain and spout length right can be troublesome, so look for mixers and spouts which have adjustable stream aerators. These allow an extra bit of water direction control to reduce the chance of splashing.

If you are selecting a hob or deck mounted basin mixer, ensure the fixing underneath is solid. Look for ‘twin-stud’ mounting as opposed to ‘single-stud’. Single studs can easily loosen after use.
[Minimalist Basin Mixer]

Think about the size of both basin and the tapware. If possible, they should be selected together so they can be proportionately sized to match each other.

Till next time... will you be tapping into the latest trends?
About Methven
Methven Limited is a subsidiary of GWA Group Limited and is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of showers, taps and valves. Our business is headquartered in Auckland where we design, develop and manufacture many award-winning products and technologies. Our international operations see our products distributed in Australia, China, UK, Middle East, USA and Europe in addition to our home market of New Zealand. In 2016 we celebrated 130 years of innovation.

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