Sunday 3 November 2019

Ways to be Water Wise in the Garden this Summer

Being water wise has never been more important, with reports of current droughts being the worst to hit Australia in 800 years and water restrictions reaching level five 2 in some areas. I've put together some great water tips from TV personality and Horticulturist Melissa King on how to prepare your garden for water restrictions this summer.

Make time to Water
Restrictions dictate that watering should be done before 10am or after 4pm. Set customised schedules easily with the Rain Bird 8 Station Outdoor WiFi Controller ($379). Its WiFi connective ability lets you control your sprinklers through your mobile, no matter where you are. Create several watering settings according to the needs of each section of your garden to ensure that plants stay healthy while paving and walls stay dry.

Move with the rain
Rain sensors prevent unnecessary watering, providing savings of up to 20%. The Rain Bird Wired Rain Sensor ($87.55) easily connects to most irrigation system controllers and automatically shuts your sprinkler system off when it rains, leaving you worry free whether at home or away.

Get hands on
Hand watering is another great way to care for your garden and allows you to tailor your watering to the needs of specific crops or plants. It also provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with your plants, so you can detect any issues early and get on top of them quickly. Water restrictions state that all hoses must have a trigger nozzle, like the Nylex Premium Spray Gun ($28). It has seven different functions for all your watering needs and most importantly, allows you to easily shut the water on and off with its simple to use click control design, effectively minimising wastage.

Carry the can
Watering cans are also a great water-saving option. But regular watering cans can be painful to carry and may distribute water unevenly. The Nylex Watering Can ($10.98) however is far from ordinary. Peppered with small holes that give you an even distribution of fine water droplets, it lets water soak deeper into the roots while the two handles make it easy to hold and control, creating a more pleasant watering experience.

Pick a perfect pot
When every drop counts, the right pots can really make a difference. If you love the look of classic terracotta, look out for pots in Northcote Pottery’s CottaSEAL collection, which are treated with a water-resistant sealant that helps to prevent moisture loss. If you’re after a more modern look, turn to plastic pots. They’ve come a long way in recent years and now come in a range of fantastic designs, colours and finishes to suit any garden. I always suggest keeping darker pots in shaded locations as they can build up heat in the sun, leading to unwanted evaporation. Additionally, look for plastic containers that are UV and frost resistant as they stand up to all weather conditions and hold their colour beautifully.

Gardens and lawns are often the first areas to suffer in dry conditions, but all that it takes is some common sense, a little creativity and the right tools to conserve moisture and keep your plants happy and healthy.

Till next time... be water wise this summer!

About the company
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