Tuesday 3 December 2019

How to Achieve the Ultimate Luxe Bathroom for Less

Our bathrooms play a vital role in our daily lives; it helps invigorate us in the morning, and wind us down in the evening. This space should never be neglected and has so much more potential than just functioning as a practical place. What’s more, through small changes, it can be transformed into a refuge of relaxation and recuperation that doesn’t have to result in extortionate bills.

In 2018, the average cost of a major bathroom renovation in Australia was $17, 522, however this cost is due to varying factors and can fluctuate depending on your circumstances and needs. While a renovated bathroom can add nearly $20,000 to the value of your home, a few cosmetic changes and DIY jobs are really all it takes to get the luxe bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Group Head of Design and Innovation, Andy Grigor, from leading designers and manufacturers of showers and taps, Methven, explains how you can create an inviting oasis without it costing the world.

Update your shower and tapware
Showers and tapware can define the theme of your bathroom. Combined with functionality, choosing a shower and tapware that looks stunning will transform your bathroom into a room you can’t wait to use.

Firstly, gather options together, take your time and do your research. Create a mood board or a scrapbook of design ideas and products. Then go and find those (or similar) products on display so you can feel the quality and get a sense of how the product feels as you use it. By simply replacing your tapware and shower you will transform the feeling of your bathroom.

According to Andy, remove the old and replace with matte black for a modern look. The Methven Aio Aurajet® Twin Shower in matte black is the epitome of imagination with its minimalist appearance and its uniquely engineered Aurajet® technology, it creates an efficient, luxuriously wide and even fan-like spray which will transform your showering experience,.

A lick of paint never hurt anyone
If budget is tight, there are some very simple aesthetic changes you can make to immediately upgrade your bathroom. Painting your tiles may sound strange but it is a very cost effective and simple way to completely and quickly refresh your bathroom. There are many tile paints available if you like to DIY, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Opt for light colours such as tonal aqua to make the room feel bright or more spacious offering a serene and refreshing ambience, or select a deep colour such as emerald green for a dramatic and modern finish that encourages nurture and regeneration.

Replace your vanity
Removing your old vanity and replacing it with a new one will instantly make your bathroom feel like it’s had a full renovation. A wall mounted floating vanity will also open up the feel of a small bathroom space by adding more floor area.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow for a purchase of a new vanity, then look to ways to repurpose your old one or even an existing piece of furniture. Keep in mind the size of the area and plumbing needs.

Sometimes the simplest tasks are the most rewarding 
According to Andy, you can renew your bathroom and give a sense of a complete upgrade, just by re-grouting your tiles. If your tiles are still in good condition, they may simply need to be re-grouted in order to make them seem brand new again and brighten your bathroom, as discolouration can show the bathroom’s age.

Add the spa-like touch
Decluttering your bathroom and adding storage where possible is key. Once you have a fresh canvas, adding little accessories, a few baskets for towels, fancy soaps and decorative accents is a great way to add your personal touch.

Incorporate plants and create your own indoor oasis, which will all contribute to the overall look of your ‘home spa’.

Till next time... are you looking to upgrade your bathroom?


Methven products are available through Bunnings Warehouse, Reece, and plumbing stores and showrooms nation-wide or check out www.methven.com.

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