Tuesday 16 June 2020

A Wardrobe that Sets the Scene!

From fridges, to heating, to window dressings, the ‘internet of things’ is making our houses smarter. The latest addition to this trend is wardrobes with Bluetooth controlled lighting and music that let users set the scene for their day, from a movie montage moment like the ones in 28 Dresses or Pretty Woman, to a relaxed day spa like feel, full of ambient sounds.

Stegbar, the expert in wardrobe design, is launching an LED Lighting system in its Galleria 2020 Collection. With a choice of control systems, the most innovative option to bring your wardrobe to life is the simple to use app via smartphone or tablet. This allows users to create a number of moods and zones by adjusting the brightness of lighting independently or in zones as needed. In addition, users can set timers and build pre-set options to move between light settings to suit any time of day, the mood, or to create task lighting to pick out key areas of the wardrobe when they are being used. For instance, low mood lighting or certain zones can be set to come on when you normally wake up, or music can come on when you are getting ready to go out.

According to Christine Evans, Director of Marketing, Stegbar, allowing users to play their favourite tunes through their wardrobe as they get dressed, creates a highly personal experience from the moment they get ready to face the day, to when they wind down before bed. Wardrobes aren’t just places to store clothes, they are a focal point for personal style where fashion and home design meet. They should embody an individual's own creativity and identity, while meeting their needs, which is why Stegbar have added new interactive audio and lighting technology to their fully customisable Galleria Couture range.
Here are some of the other functions that homeowners should look out for to ensure their new robe is more than just doors and drawers. 

Full length pivot mirrors – Reflect your style 
Mirrored doors are a great way to add an illusion of depth to a room and make the most of lighting, but as they can’t be moved it’s hard to get a 360 degree look at your outfit. By using an extendable arm to fit the mirror against the wardrobe inner wall, the pivot mirror can be stored out of the way until needed and then moved to any position to get the view you need. It’s an elegant solution that can help ensure your look is working at every angle.

Jewellery trays and glass shelves
Jewellery trays and glass shelves help create a jewellery store experience From a treasure trove of jewellery, to a carefully curated collection of ties, our accessories help make a statement, so they should take pride of place in the wardrobe too. Stegbar now offers a range of crafted black felt jewellery trays with specific compartments for jewellery and watches, cufflinks and ties. There’s also a concealed compartment for hiding your most prized pieces. Adding a touch of luxe as well as functionality, glass shelves added to jewellery drawers provides easy views of accessories without fear of them collecting dust or knocking them by accident. Pair this with some lighting for an instant jewellery store experience reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Pull down hanging rails - Rail against height restrictions
It can sometimes feel like wardrobes should come with a step ladder, especially built-ins that meet high ceilings. Rather than climbing to get your clothes, simply pull on the extended handle of the hanging rail and it arcs down toward an easily reached level. It’s the perfect accessory to make use of high spaces that are generally out of reach for frequent day to day use. These are available in white/chrome or black/chrome to suit your wardrobe’s interior.

Colour and material choices - Don’t compromise your style
Whether its fashion or interior design, colours and materials matter. Australians are increasingly putting importance on individuality and creating their own takes on current trends.

Colour and texture
Stegbar Galleria wardrobes are redefining this space with the help of colour and texture. When choosing the look and feel of a wardrobe, think about the tenants of the style you’re looking to achieve. For example, a white or light oak wardrobe would suit the relaxed feel of the Hamptons look, whereas, a dark stain or veneer may be more suited to a modern aesthetic. Variations of the grey colour palette, as well as glimpses of navy are becoming wardrobe trends, while materials are moving towards texture and feel, with matte becoming popular due to its tactile feel and ‘fingerprint-less’ qualities.

Smart wardrobes start with smart design
New 3D rendering software is helping homeowners to build and visualise their wardrobes ahead of installation. These programs can model every aspect and function needed and place in-situ virtually.
Stegbar has showrooms nationally that offer consultations with design experts who can create your wardrobe using CAD design software, helping to choose the right layout, design and look for your space. Once designed the wardrobe is custom measured and built, then delivered and installed in the home.

Whether you’re looking to create a wardrobe fit for a star, or a stylish sanctuary, the new innovative additions to the Galleria Collection provide all of the customisation you need to set the mood, find the right look and add to your home’s style.

Till next time... envisage a wardrobe that fits you and sets the scene!


About Stegbar
Stegbar is recognised by architects, builders and homeowners as a leading Australian manufacturer of quality building products. With over 70 years of experience in producing high crafted windows, doors, shower screens, splashbacks and wardrobes, Stegbar’s reputation is built on its commitment to innovative design, outstanding craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Visit www.stegbar.com.au for more information.

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