Friday 3 July 2020

A Modern Take On Vintage Floral Illustrations

If you haven't noticed already wallpaper has made a huge comeback in interior design. Maybe it never went away just lurked comfortably in the background. Nevertheless in 2020 we're shining the spotlight on these gorgeous floral wallpapers that create quite the dramatic statement!

Once upon only loved by grandmas, vintage floral wallpaper has had a modern makeover. Inspired by the botanical illustrator Pierre-Joseph Redouté, MuralsWallpaper has created a collection of four vintage floral designs, transforming hand-drawn flowers into stunning murals which make a statement in the home. It is the second time that Redouté drawings have inspired a collection, with the Botanicals range released earlier this year.

There's never been a better time to surround yourself in nature. Due to the current pandemic all flower shows have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Which is why there is a subtle movement in bringing the outside in. Even Netflix is getting in on the floral action with the release of their reality show The Big Flower Fight last month!

According to Catherine Jacob,Head of Design at MuralsWallpaper, a large portion of the top sellers are reflective of nature in some way, which explains why there has been a strong trend in sales as people create spaces they want to escape or relax in. Murals Wallpaper have seen an uplift in sales of products inspired by nature as they overtake other design styles. And who can blame anyone for falling head over heels with these gorgeous illustrations.

Each design in the collection has something different to offer. Bagatelle balances delicate pink tones with large scale roses, whilst Losse is a peachy green botanical pattern. Giverny has a palette of very soft desaturated pinks, and Papillion adds serene butterflies to the floral mix. All of the designs stimulate feelings of being in a giant garden surrounded by roses. Scale and statement are a core part of MuralsWallpaper collections, and these designs offer a unique twist on the traditional wallpaper subject of florals, transforming them into large scale murals.

Vintage Florals is the second collection by MuralsWallpaper inspired by Pierre-Joseph Redouté - the first, Vintage Botanicals, is a best seller The lead designer of the florals collection, Jess Howard, explains what inspired her to create the second collection. According to Jess, the work of Redouté mixes science with design to produce stunning botanical drawings. Whilst in the last collection, focus was largely on the plant life designs from his book Les Liliacées, this time, the hand drawn rose designs from the Les Roses collection retain the dramatic, large scale impact in true-to-life floral colour tones to give them a modern update.

In case you're wondering where in your home to wallpaper, bedrooms, bathrooms, pretty little nurseries and toddler rooms and even powder rooms are perfect for this floral collection. Bagatelle, Giverny, Losse and Papillion are all available online at MuralsWallpaper.

Till next time... stop and smell the roses!

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