Thursday 20 August 2020

Six Tips To Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring

The weather is warming up, and new life is suddenly everywhere. New leaves, new flowers. It’s enough to encourage most of us to get out into the backyard and start getting it ready for this fresh and hopeful season. To help you spruce up your garden and prepare for spring, take a look at these six handy tips.

Start With A Blank Canvas
One of the most important parts of a spring backyard tidy-up is getting rid of all the clutter and debris that has built-up over winter. Start with the biggest jobs like tree removals, car removal, junk and clearing out any large containers of rubbish amassed during the colder months. Then move on to taking out weeds, drain debris, and any broken or old toys and planters you no longer want.

Complete Any Repairs
Once your backyard is straightened out, it’s a good time to repair anything that has broken over winter. Be meticulous in checking your yard, looking over all areas including:
The irrigation system
Planters and pots
Barbecues/ ovens
Sheds or other storage
Large tools and maintenance appliances
Paving or tiling
Pool or spa

It’s better to repair anything that is broken now so that the yard is safe and beautiful for spring. 

Get Plant Maintenance Started
It’s important to support all the plants in your garden so they can thrive during spring and summer. You’ll want to prune your roses and other shrubs and trees before any buds start to show. Now is also a good time to start fertilising your plants to support their growth during the warmer months. 

Prepare Your Veggie Bed
More than half of all Australians grow some of their own food. It’s a great way to save money, minimise your carbon footprint, and enjoy fresh food that tastes delicious. In spring, you will want to start planting seeds and preparing your vegetable bed for summer crops. Here’s a rough guide to suitable produce for different climates:
Subtropical - Beans, celery, cucumber, eggplant, leek, tomato, beets
Wet & Dry Tropical - Artichoke, celery, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, radish, pumpkin
Dry Inland - Pumpkin, melons, sweetcorn, basil
Temperate - Chives, beans, cabbage, carrot, okra, radish, sweet potato
Cool & Southern - Cauliflower, English spinach, radish, silver beet, turnip, tomato
Mediterranean - Zucchini, apples, pears, tomatoes, parsley

Start Caring For That Luscious Lawn
Spring is the time your lawn will quite literally spring back to life, which means it's time to give it some love and attention now. You will want to clear it, aerate it, take away the weeds, and start a watering schedule. Learning how to properly maintain your lawn will pay off when the warmer weather flows in.

It’s Time To Get Some New Gear
Nearly 65% of Australians own a barbecue, but if you don’t have one yet, spring is the best time to grab one. You might be tempted to buy all the new summer equipment and accessories mid-summer. The problem with doing that is the timing. This is when they cost the most and you’ve already had most of the good barbecuing days pass you by.

Instead, it makes sense to purchase items like furniture, cushions, cooking equipment, and toys in spring. That way, you can pick them up at a better price, and you’ll get the most use out of them.

Using these tips above you can transform your backyard into the perfect backdrop for plenty of memory-making this summer. 

Till next time... get your backyard spring ready!

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