Wednesday 14 October 2020

Top tile trends Aussies are loving in 2020

Australian style has transformed this year as Aussies are throwing out the rule book and forging a new path in home designs. This trend has been slowing growing since the 1980s and has experienced a boom since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across the last 60 years, Australia’s largest tile retailer, Beaumont Tiles, has had a distinctive vantage point in witnessing this design evolution. With an over one-hundred-thousand-strong online community who frequently share their completed renovations, Beaumont Tiles has seen the emergence of exciting grassroots design trends from the homes of local Aussies over the years.

In the past, Australian design has been highly influenced by international style, but since the 2020 design evolution, Australians have increasingly been introducing their unique personality into their styling choices. 

Beaumont Tiles design specialist Christie Wood says that home design has been significantly influenced by Australia’s unique array of cultures and stories.

Throughout the last year, Aussies have begun paying homage to their diverse range of cultures in the design aesthetic of their homes, with heritage playing a significant role in the selection of colour palettes, finishes and furnishings.

Aussies are really starting to dance to the beat of their own drum in terms of design and approach! According to Christie, every year Beaumont Tiles extensively search for the latest looks and trends at home and around the globe, though what is the most fascinating is looking at how they translate into Australian design.

Mad for Mosaics
One significant tile trend this year is around mosaics. This artistic style pays tribute to classic designs of ancient Greece and Rome, which nods to Australia’s diversity in culture and design.
Mosaic tiles everywhere at the moment. Traditionally used on bathroom floors and as splashbacks, Aussies are increasingly using mosaics as feature walls or table coverings to create a statement that’s long lasting and beautiful.

These intricate tiles capture the glamour of decades past while maintaining that stylish appeal in a contemporary home.  Bathrooms featuring square or finger mosaics are becoming popular as the sharp edges foster a refined modern feel. 
Beaumont's social community are especially loving the rustic look of the Haifu White Gloss Mosaic with a grey grout. This finger style feature often pairs well with terrazzo floor tiles and gold tapware to really pull the look together for a Country Chic or Contemporary inspired project.
Influenced by North African rustic charm, Zellige builds a unique style with blended colour. Most popular between 100x100mm to 150x150mm size ranges, but also sought after in a subway format. Zellige tiles are quickly becoming a staple in many Aussie homes.

There is a surge in Zellige square tiles being used as splashbacks and feature walls this year, especially in classic blue or sea green hues. This look is perfect for some of Beaumonts ‘What’s my Style’ design categories such as Retro Vintage or Coastal, this enchanting tile is becoming a real competitor to the Aussie-favourite subway style. 
Beaumont's gorgeous Atmosphere White in 120x120 is the perfect Zellige tile to generate a Coastal bathroom while the Atmosphere Mint in 120x120mm pairs well with wooden accessories for a Retro Vintage look.

All about colour
Colour brings light and fun into any design it touches. Australians love to stand out from the crowd and colour is how Aussies are loving to express themselves this year.

As predicted at the beginning of the year, greens and pinks are the most popular among the online community. Although, an aspect that wasn’t predicted was the alternative ways Aussies would experiment with this colourful trend.
Previous trends have been dominated by herringbone, while this year there is an emergence of vertically laid tiles to create a colourful look. Some are even starting to experiment such as using grey grout to surround their pink subways. 

According to Christie, a lot of people want to experiment with colours but aren’t sure how to make the look flow together with such a feature. Beaumonts have free online consultations where customers can discuss different styles, including colour options with experts.

Beaumont Tiles also offers the option to order three full size samples of any of their tiles so customers can check out how these tiles will match their space and feel confident in their decision.

Till next time... which one is your favourite? Mine has to be the Haifu White Gloss Mosaic with a grey grout!

About Beaumont Tiles
Beaumont Tiles is Australia’s biggest retailer of tiles and bathroomware with 116 outlets across most states. An innovative market leader, Beaumont Tiles buyers travel the globe to bring back the best in tile designs. Beaumont Tiles has company owned and franchised stores servicing trade, home builders and renovators, and the commercial sector.

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