Wednesday 11 November 2020

No Mess or Stress with SuperFresco Easy!

A new range of innovative wallpapers is taking the mess and stress out of updating interior d├ęcor. The Superfresco Easy ‘Paste the Wall’ technology allows quick application of wallpaper, which can be peeled off by hand without damaging the wall underneath. 
According to Superfresco Easy Trend and Style Expert, Paula Taylor, Superfresco Easy’s new ‘Paste the Wall’ technology completely changes the way we think about wallpaper, not only for homeowners, but renters too. Forget tiring or dated patterns, you can now update your walls in a fraction of the time of traditional wallpaper application, whenever you want!

With its innovative non-woven backing, Superfresco Easy puts an end to tireless pasting of wallpaper, messy application and misaligned patterns. Simply paste the wall and hang the paper straight from the roll, smooth it down and trim. The simplified and time saving technique removes the need for decorating tables making it easier to use in smaller rooms. What’s more, it removes the need for steaming and scraping when it comes time for a new look.
With Australians living in their homes for longer and one in four of Australians living in private rental properties 2 , the desire to change up the style of the home frequently is popular. Whether it be children outgrowing their themed bedrooms, or updating a Landlord’s tired decor, Superfresco Easy allows anyone to create their personal style.

According to Paula, Superfresco Easy makes it possible to change your wallpaper as often as you change your soft furnishings. It’s also a quick way to keep up with trends and create a fresh look, as there are 70 designs to choose from.
People are also considering how to create their homes around their families, with a need for versatility and the ability to stand up to the rigour of daily life, from messy pets to creative kids. Superfresco Easy is washable, durable and colour fast, plus it covers minor wall imperfections making it perfect for today’s busy homes.

Superfresco Easy is available across Australia In Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Hardware Group stores, with prices starting at RRP $60 per roll. 

For more information visit The Superfresco Easy Brand Page at Bunnings online.

Till next time... get decorating!

About Superfresco Easy
The Superfresco Easy brand is introducing new innovative ‘paste the wall’ technology to make wallpapering easy and accessible for even the most novice DIY-er. Superfresco Easy wallpapers use non-woven technology, that encourages users to paste the wall not the paper. By simply pasting the wall, the roll can be placed at the top of the wall and allowed to drop, creating easy vertical placement. Once in place, the paper is simply trimmed at the ends, halving the time needed to decorate and with no pasting tables or waiting for paper to soak.

The wallpaper can be painted or washed, making it easy to maintain and it can be removed from the wall just as easily as it was put up. It strips off in one piece with no need for steamers or scraping, allowing homeowners to easily change the wallpaper depending on design preferences. Superfresco Easy can be found in Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Hardware Group in Australia and Bunnings Warehouse, Guthrie Bowron and Colourplus in New Zealand.

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