Wednesday 10 November 2021

Refresh Your Home with The 'Cosy' Edit from Hovia!

Whether you live in the Southern Hemisphere or in the Northern Hemisphere, this is definitely the time to give your rooms a quick and fresh facelift to welcome back friends and family for the festive season! The easiest way to create a fresh look is by using some wallpaper and creating an updated cosy ambience. Hovia's (previously known as Murals Wallpaper) new collection of curated selection of floral wallpaper designs is perfect to create trendy, cosy and fresh looks in your home!


I love Hovia's new collection of wallpaper that fits in well with the 'cottagecore aesthetic' hashtag currently trending on Instagram! Cottagecore is the aesthetic look that is bringing a restful and nature-inspired style to our indoor spaces. 

Vintage flower designs are a big staple of Cottagecore. You'll see detailed florals on dresses, walls, embroidered cushions, and more. These wallpapers feel both sophisticated and rustic - welcoming in a fantasy of wildflower fields and lovingly tended rose gardens. The muted pastel colours of the wallpaper keep the room light and pretty without it looking busy, outdated or old fashioned! How beautiful would this wallpaper look in a little girl's nursery or playroom!

Autumnal Tones

Brown is making a huge comeback but not the way you would imagine it. Not heavy shades of brown but more the bejewelled tones of autumn. As we all have been spending more and more time in our homes, discovering comforting activities and routines, cosy comfort has become the new go to. Autumnal tones are the perfect way to invite in a cosier atmosphere and give a warm backdrop to your space.

Harvest Reimagined
Warm, earthy colours that ground your feelings are the trendy key to refreshing your home this season. Give it a toasty new theme that's easy on the eyes. Think about the deep, earthy tones of wildflowers. Definitely comforting and cosy!
I love that the new Harvest wallpaper also comes in a peel and stick option which is perfect for renters to update and refresh their space!
For more inspiration on Hovia's new range of 'cosy' wallpapers, have a look here.

I'm so smitten by the new Rye wallpaper. It's the first photo in this post. I would love to incorporate the nature inspired botanical wallpaper in my daughter's bedroom. It's such a pretty linear and uncluttered design.

Till next time... which is your favourite look?

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