Thursday 30 December 2021

5 Tips for Making Your Home Feel Cosy in Winter

Whether you’re waking up in a winter wonderland, or it’s more of a grey-skied icy drizzle outside or you're in sunny Australia missing the snowy landscapes of Europe, one thing remains the same – ‘tis the season to be cosy! To help you transition into this cuddly, warm time of year, here are five tips for making your home feel cosy in winter: 
Get Scentsual
Scent is connected to memories and emotions, so it can be a great way to invite those yummy winter vibes into your home. Why not spread your favourite holiday scents and smells throughout your home with an essential oil diffuser?

Orange, clove, mixed spice, cinnamon, apple spice, pumpkin spice – they all create a deliciously cosy environment that helps you embrace the frostier side of the year. Blast your air with the scents of the season to instantly get in the mood for snuggle times. 
Embrace Hygge
Hygge is not something that can be neatly translated into a single English word. Instead, it is a mixture of feeling cosy, familiar, comfortable and finding contentment in special moments. It is not an item but a feeling or experience we have as humans. To get hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh) in your home this season, try:
  • Creating snuggly social spaces
  • Adding candles and mood lighting 
  • Enjoying warm drinks like this chilli hot chocolate 
  • Getting those thick socks, oversized jumpers, and fleecy sweatpants out
  • Inviting friends and family round 
  • Having technology-free areas 

Add All of the Fabrics
If there is ever a season to literally surround yourself in a wide range of fabrics that you can snuggle in, hide under, nest in, and even turn into a pillow fort for movie nights, this is it. Blankets, throws, squashy cushions, and bean bags – whatever gets you in the cosy mood. 
Velvet is back in fashion, so if you want some opulence, it’s a good choice. You could also try some faux fleece or faux wool throws. For extra indulgence, a faux husky blanket is super-soft and gives a winter cabin look to a space. Or, if you fancy crafting a very expensive-looking soft furnishing accessory yourself, it’s surprisingly easy to weave a chunky blanket.

Consider Cottagecore
Cottagecore is also known as granny chic or farmcore, and it is a style that mixes nostalgia with coziness to honor the English countryside (think The Holiday scenery). It is trying to mix that feeling of being welcomed and comfortable in Granny’s house with chintzy prints, doilies, retro items, and modern elements like sustainable materials and simple living. If you are going for a complete decor change this season, cottagecore could be a good choice if you want it to be cosy and chic. 
Clutter in the home can make you feel stressed, scatter-brained, distracted, isolated, and more likely to suffer falls, allergies, and unhealthy weight gain. None of that really works with a cosy, relaxing vibe, does it?

With that in mind, before you start adding cosy elements to your home like the items above, strip it back and give it a good decluttering first. When it comes time to get snuggly afterward, you’ll find that your home feels a lot more fresh, clean, and cosy as a result of your winter clean-up and decluttering session.

“To stand at our window, wrapped in the half-dark and watch the day disappear…is a moment of hygge.” - Louisa Thomson Brits

With the suggestions above, you’ll soon be surrounded by the warmest, snuggly, homey vibes for this ultra-cosy season. 

Till next time... have a fantastic festive season!

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