Monday 17 January 2022

Wallpapers and Colours that will Define Our Spaces in 2022

Creating a sanctuary at home is still key for interior design in 2022 as Australians adjust to a new year. While we are feeling more energised, amidst renewed freedoms, we continue to place enormous value on the way we live in our homes, embracing the pleasure that serenity and tranquillity can bring to our daily lives. Wallpaper remains a key complement to creating the perfect ambience, as colour and pattern continue to have a meaningful impact in our homes.

According to Paula Taylor, Trends and Design Expert at Superfresco Easy, design landscapes that are imbued with colours make us feel healthy, balanced, enthused. Think clarifying blues, rich purples and natural tans, colours that help us look toward a year ahead that’s brimming with optimism. Furthermore, in celebration of nature, self-care and reflection we are looking towards designs that bring calm, tranquility, authenticity and rejuvenation to the home. Enveloping softness is important alongside vibrant and deep colours that will help us to feel rejuvenated, with organic, sophisticated and nature inspired patterns remaining strong choices for Australians.

With walls providing the perfect blank canvas for expression, here we are considering the key wallpaper and colour trends that will define our homes in 2022.
Key Colour Trends
Reflective of our post-pandemic lives, in 2022 hues range from deep and tranquil to recharged and bold through to warm and cosy. Australians are increasingly seeking authenticity in their homes which they’re applying through the colour palette.

Deep and Tranquil
Think shades that are deep enough to add colour and depth yet light enough to remain refreshing and calm. Deep blues, olives and navy offer a sense of rebirth and rejuvenation, while instilling a feeling of calm. These shades are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas where you want to relax and unwind.

Home is a place of comfort to unwind and relax at the end of a tough day, a well-chosen design can make a dramatic difference to a living space while offering a comfortable sanctuary to enjoy, according to Paula. With an interlacing trail of birds on fine blossom branches, dotted with butterflies, Superfresco Easy’s Songbird pattern in Duck Egg adds delicate femininity to an easy living colour palette. RRP: $77.38 per roll
Recharged and Bold
Hues that are energetic and fun are reminiscent of a bolder, more vibrant way of life that Australians are craving. Plum, deep oranges, browns and crisp reds all contribute to a stylish and brilliant living space.

To add depth and impress guests at the first opportunity use as a feature in the hallway or if you’re looking to add depth to a serene and peaceful bedroom pairing bold colours with more muted tones can enhance a visually soothing aesthetic.

Mood uplifting design choices that both calm and engage us is an important factor. Glamorous and refreshing, Superfresco Easy’s Midnight Garden in a bold collage style, features rich purple and dark pink tones. RRP: $77.38 per roll
Warm and Cosy
providing comfort and nostalgia, warm colours have a distinct authenticity and help to counteract the uncertainty of the last two years. Tans, ochre and creams assist in creating a calm and relaxed environment, and can be accented through furnishings, trimmings and plants.

Cosy hues provide a tasteful and timeless background that can also make your space feel more breathable and comfortable, Superfresco Easy’s Eternal wallpaper pattern creates the illusion of being in a tranquil forest. In beautiful warm browns, the tree design is lightly textured and embellished to add depth to the finish. RRP: $77.38 per roll
According to Paula, wallpaper patterns with an exterior finish such as stone are making a comeback. Projected as the new minimal, they have a welcome edge, with a consciousness towards natural materials and creating a cleaner environment in the home by bringing the outside in. Texturally interesting, they also make a fabulous backdrop to biophilic design elements such as lush greenery. Furthermore, designs that give a visual textured effect are a fantastic way of giving your space more depth,.

Wallpaper’s that have natural looking designs and textures with delicate and unobtrusive floras and faunas assist to create comforting spaces that allow you to relax and unwind. As the world begins to open up again, and we venture out, we will have an increasing need for our homes to be a safe and calm space. Superfresco Easy Shiplap Wood in Beige RRP $77.38. Superfresco Easy Adilah White, RRP $77.38
Once a major investment in a home’s look, wallpaper is now a design element that can be easily changed with the trends thanks to removable options, like Superfresco Easy. It’s ‘Paste the Wall’ technology allows homeowners and even renters alike to quickly put up wallpaper without the need for messy pasting tables and can be peeled off by hand without feat of ruining the wall beneath.

Superfresco Easy is available across Australia in Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Hardware Group stores, with prices starting at RRP $60 per roll. For more information visit

Till next time... which is your favourite colour trend?

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