Tuesday 24 May 2022

Trend Forecast: Making Your Backyard Staycation Ready!

The past few years has created unprecedented change in the way we live, but nowhere more so than in our homes - how we interact with them and what we require from them. We need our homes to seriously multitask – multiple living zones, cooking and entertaining spaces, spaces to come together but also to have privacy, zones for work, and play.
For many people travel is still both a distant memory, and a far-off dream, so bringing that holiday feeling to your own backyard is more important than ever. According to design expert Melissa Bonney from The Designory, your outdoor space is the most versatile room in your house. The connection between the indoor and outdoor areas has always been important in our Australian climate but in a post pandemic world it has also become critical for people’s wellbeing and ability to stay connected and grounded. It’s the little additions to our outdoor areas that can make all the difference.

Central to a great backyard design is the fire pit. The ambience a fire pit brings is worth the investment alone. Adding a fire pit will provide an immediate feature for the garden and become a natural gathering spot for socialising and entertaining and provides warmth as well as a great cooking source. People are naturally drawn to the campfire-like atmosphere.

New from Glow Heating is a collection of fire pit styles designed to work into a number of different style gardens, backyards and courtyards. Here, Melissa Bonney, shares her design ideas to help turn your outdoor room into the ultimate destination offering a space you can relax in and enjoy on a daily basis.

Keep It Simple
One of the best things about having so many wonderful freestanding fire pit options is that it’s an easy addition to any space. For an extremely low maintenance and stress free outdoor area, keep the backyard simple and landscape the garden incorporating a premium grass, a generous paved or pebble area for entertaining, and compliment with heat loving plants such as succulents, which add texture and colour to the space. Choose one striking centrepiece.

For homes fortunate to have a larger backyard, the Glow Kadi Fire Bowl (RRP $599) is a hero piece. Featuring an exotic, traditional Indian style bowl, it’s low to the ground and sums up the relaxed feel of a coastal sanctuary. With a generous bowl size and striking weathering steel designed to naturally oxidise in Australian conditions, the Kadi is also the perfect sculpture in your garden when not in use. The Glow Kadi Fire Pit is available from independent garden centres and hardware stores.
An Architectural Statement
Creating structure or zones in the backyard is a great way to work the space effectively, with areas for playing, eating, cooking and relaxing. Think about all the areas you have available from the front fence to the back. Defining these zones using fencing, plants or materials such as pavers, pebbles or decking, can give each space its own impact and character as well as defining the purpose.

For a polished landscape look, choose a fire pit design like Glow Pittsburgh Fire Pit (RRP $359). With its sleek, modern defined shape, Pittsburgh is an architectural statement. Constructed from heavy gauged steel with an oiled finish that oxidises over time, it’s the perfect outdoor lifestyle ‘feature piece’ that becomes the heart and soul of the garden year-round. Pittsburgh is available from Mitre 10 and Home Timber & Hardware stores nationally.
Small Spaces Big on Style
Even the smallest of spaces can be big on style and used to create conversation areas and spaces to gather to share stories, share a drink or toast marshmallows. For backyards and terraces looking to maximise their outside space, think smart with solutions such as multi-purpose pieces and in-built seats. A timeless Glow fire pit design that strikes a brilliant balance between size, design, and finish, the Tambo Fire Pit (RRP $79) is perfect for more intimate areas such as terraces and patios where space is at a premium.

The Tambo Fire Pit features a 56cm wok, with the deeper bowl delivering maximum fire for smaller spaces. It is complete with log storage for when not in use and finished in weathering steel that will deepen in colour over time when exposed to open outdoor Australian conditions. 

According to Mel, a top tip for a smaller backyard with fences that make the space feel hemmed in, is to plant an evergreen hedge in front to create the illusion of complete privacy, as well as providing a year-round structured look, adding a splash of much needed green during the colder months. Tambo is available from Bunnings stores nationally.
Year-Round Entertainment
As a nation of entertainers, Australians are constantly looking for new ways to take their outdoor space to the next level. With a little planning and creativity, any exterior space can become a therapeutic sanctuary that offers an escape from the day to day. Identify how you would like to use your outdoor space, then design around those needs. Add a beautiful backdrop with plants of various heights in layered tiers, outdoor seating with cushions, beautiful pots and d├ęcor to add pockets of interest.

The Cellar Fire Pit from Glow (RRP $199), offers a refined, industrial design perfect for a contemporary setting. With its stylish black minimalist look and deep drum style bowl, Cellar is not only a heat source but includes a cooking grill for those who love to entertain.

The laser-cut weave pattern encourages greater airflow and is reminiscent of a traditional winery basket. Perfect for creating a cosy space in winter, Cellar can easily convert to some fun summer entertaining ideas as well with its barbecue options. Cellar is available from Bunnings stores nationally.
Starting the Spark
Starting a fire in a firepit can be tricky, especially if the fire pit bowl is quite large. Glow’s new Fire Mate (RRP $29.98) provides the teepee structure to start as the base for placing your timber, and promotes air flow throughout the duration of your fire.
Logs are the foundation of your fire and will keep it burning long into the night. The best type of firewood includes varieties like river red gum, jarrah, ironbark, grey box and sugar gum. Make sure that they are properly seasoned and stacked before using. Fire Mate is available from Bunnings stores nationally.

When deciding on the best fire pit for your home, remember safety comes first. Ensure appropriate clearances as per recommended guidelines, and never place the fire pit on a combustible surface. Glow Fire Pits are available from Bunnings Warehouse and selected independent hardware stores nationally. For more information, visit www.glowheating.com.au.
Till next time... which is your favourite fit pit design?

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