Sunday 24 July 2022

Haven’s New Scented Candles To Light Up Your Home

The new Winter Collection of candles from Haven offers a range of gorgeous scents from classically elegant to sweet and sultry. With five fragrances to choose from including Pillow Talk, Bridal Fitting, Vogue Vanilla, Pink Lemonade and Caramel Cheesecake, they are perfect to light up at home to fill a room with fragrance. 
The range of on-trend vessel colours and shapes also work wonderfully with home interiors, with two versatile designs being a chic and geometric jar with a textured finish, or a mason style jar that’s stylishly simple to go with all decor.
Spoil yourself with the Haven Pink Lemonade Soy Scented Candle (RRP $15.00). This signature scent combines vibrant notes of sweet melon and bubbly lemonade to create a candle that is a nod to simple, youthful times.

The Haven Bridal Fitting Soy Scented Candle (RRP $15.00) is an ode to love, Spring, and the wedding season. Featuring uplifting notes of carnation and apple, this candle will take you to the perfect wedding day and destination with its crisp and clean fusion of classic romantic scents.

Fill your home with a blend of delicate, sweet and sultry elements with the Haven Pillow Talk Soy Scented Candle (RRP $15.00). It features scent notes of berry and patchouli, whisking you away to a dreamy wonderland. The Haven Vogue Vanilla Soy Scented Candle (RRP $15.00) is a gorgeous addition to your living space, offering a chic blend of both modern and classic elements.
Combining notes of amber, sage and vanilla, this candle is ideal to evoke a sense of calmness to you space.

Craving something sweet? Treat yourself to the Haven Caramel Cheesecake Soy Scented Candle (RRP $15.00) for delightfully muted sweet scents of brown sugar and vanilla filling the air. This buttery smooth fragrance will add a sense of warmth and comfort to your home.

When finished, Haven candles are perfect for upcycling as a vase, storage piece or a mini pot plant to add even more style to your tablescape. The Haven range is available in Spotlight stores nationally. For more information visit

Till next time... which is your favourite scent?

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