Wednesday 27 June 2012

The Birdhouse in The Garden!

I've been so busy preparing for the product launch. But I've been longing to write a post so here it is. Not a furniture or DIY post...but one about the new...well old...bird house in my garden! I hung it on the ornamental pear and I'm hoping that a few birdies will come by and enjoy it! Though I doubt they'll stay for long since my neighbour's cat Lucky is a frequent visitor and loves snoozing behind the olive trees in the garden. 

Well, anyway today I woke up early to take a few pictures of the birdhouse before I started painting and adding finishing touches to the almost finished products.

I love the warm quality the winter sun bestows upon the garden...

Don't you just love the crackle finish on the birdhouse...?

It's a lovely lime green colour..not too bright and camouflages beautifully amongst the leaves.

So playful and pretty!!!

The birdhouse adds a whole lot of cuteness to my garden! I'm thinking of starting a collection....A tree of birdhouses?

Do you have a birdhouse in your garden? Drop me a line if you do...or leave me a link...I'd love to see it!

And that's Lucky...frequent visitor and professional snoozer!!! Standing on the barbecue like he owns it! He's super cute and loves playing with the dry leaves in my garden!
(Excuse the blurry photo...caught it quickly with my phone camera)

Stay tuned for lots of finished project posts coming your way!

And thanks to all the lovely people for your comments on the The French Laundry...the coat rack project. I just loved reading them....and thank you for becoming followers of La Maison Jolie.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Rani, I'm with you on the warm sunlight. It's just beautiful and I say "yes" to a birdhouse collection. How cute would that be! Hope you get lots of birds coming to visit and that they can avoid the cat!

  2. Love the colour & the crackle finish



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