Wednesday 2 October 2013

Display Cabinet Makeover Reveal!

Sorry about the delayed post, things have been so hectic lately…but here are the display cabinet pictures I promised you. 

The cabinet is all ready and set up. 

But I still have a few finishing touches to add which are in progress and I'll post those soon too.

If you missed the last post on the display cabinet, 
you can read it here.

This was quite the project…painting two big pieces of furniture! And then assembling it!

I'm glad I painted it a creamy white. It helps in balancing out the dark window frames and the wooden dining table and chairs.

The cabinet now holds all our lovely crystal on the glass shelves and lots of cutlery, crockery and cookbooks in the cupboards below.

Some new DIY botanical art on the walls on either side of the cabinet and happy days! (I'll be doing a tutorial on the botanical art in my next post.)

In case you are wondering, the glass is not dirty, I promise I cleaned it twice before taking these pictures. 

That's just the sun's reflection streaming in through the blinds.

In the corner, couple of glass jars. Hanging on them are two cute clay ornaments. You can find them here.

Our dining room is always bright and sunny in the afternoons…and it's lovely to sit here in the winter months, enjoy a cup of tea while looking into the backyard.

Well, there you have it…our updated dining room with a much needed display cabinet.

Just a quick reminder of what the cabinet looked like before the makeover…

& After

One project done! I'm off to tackle the rest on the list! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Looks great Rani. The distressed white finish is perfect.
    The fern prints are lovely - are they free printables or pictures from somewhere? I have one of those crown plant holders too!

    1. Hi Kristine…Oh sweet…Thank you so much…The fern prints aren't prints or pictures. I'll be doing a tutorial on that in my next post. So all will be revealed soon…hahah! xx
      P.s. your distressed table is just gorgeous….I might have to give it a go on a piece of furniture that I have been saving for a special makeover. :)

  2. The sunny yellow jacket drew me in .. and I'm glad, because all of it is lovely! You have a great eye for decor & photography.

    1. Dear Amanda, Thank you so much for the lovely comment and for stopping by.
      I'm glad the jacket drew you in….(it's one of my favourite jackets). Hope you have a lovely week! Rani

  3. Love it! I really like how you kept it wood on the bottom part! Beautiful! Your newest follower..

    1. Hi Tammy, Thank you so much for the sweet comment and for stopping by! Have a lovely week! xx Rani

  4. Simply Spectacular!!!! : ) hugs and thanks for sharing...hope to see you today : )


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