Monday 14 October 2013

How To: DIY Fern Wall Art for Free!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the reveal of my display cabinet makeover.

Today I'm sharing how to make the Fern Wall Art that you see hanging on the wall next to the display cabinet.

This art is something I learnt from my mother. 

When I was young, my mother and I used to go for long walks in the park near our home.

My mother has a keen eye and would find these exquisite leaves and flowers growing on the side of the road. Some of them were just weeds but so pretty!

We would come home and my mother would press them in the pages of the telephone directory. 

It was the single thickest book in our house. And we had stacks of directories filled with flowers and leaves.

Once left for 2-3 weeks, the leaves and flowers would dry up.

My mother would take a few of them and artistically arrange onto blank cards and stick them down with glue. 

Sometimes she would even let me help! (And I would feel super important, just holding the flowers and leaves)

Every year we would send out handmade Christmas cards to our friends and family. 

And each card would be unique and exquisite.

So easy…and FREE!

I still press leaves and flowers in magazines. I just love their colour and texture when the leaves dry out.

So there you have it, a free DIY Fern Wall Art!

For this project you will need:

~ Dried Ferns
~ Photo Frame
~ White card stock
~ Glue to stick the dry ferns onto the card stock
~ Wrapping paper or brown kraft paper to use as background, I purchased mine from here: WholePort Newspaper Style Paper
~ Double sided tape to stick card stock onto the background paper
~ A pair of scissors
~ You can substitute the ferns with any interesting leaves or flowers!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

We are revamping our kitchen counter and I'll write a post on it soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to visit my Etsy shop for Christmas ornaments and gift tags!



  1. Ah ha! So that's what they are. I thought they were prints of some kind for sure. They are lovely.
    So funny because I've been helping my brother ready his house for sale and on the weekend I picked some bracken fern leaves and put them in a frame to hang in his bathroom! I didn't press them because I was in a rush as the house was photographed yesterday. I wonder if they will die and look awful before the open house?

    1. Hi Kristine
      Thank you so much. We must be telepathic!!! Hahahah!!! I don't think they will die or look awful. They might dry out a tad…but most of the time they retain their shape and colour. Either way I'll cross my fingers for you. :) xo Rani

  2. Oh my goodness I use to press flowers growing up. You've brought back lovely memories. Lisa xo

    1. Thank you Lisa, for your lovely comment…! :) P.S. Your kitchen is really taking shape! Excited to see the reveal! xo Rani

  3. Rest assured that I will try making this DIY project. This is pretty and really easy to make. And I guess this would be an inexpensive way of transforming a blank wall into something great.


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