Saturday 15 March 2014

How To: DIY Concrete Bowl and Indoor Garden

The weather today is Windy, Sunny, Cloudy, Windy….and so on.

So since none of my products were drying, I did a spot of gardening this morning and planted a few succulents in my new DIY concrete bowl to make a gorgeous indoor garden.

Concrete is everywhere you look, homes, bridges, walkways and now homewares and furniture. There is something different yet familiar about concrete. And I love the colour of concrete - not taupe not grey not white…just natural and beautiful!

Supplies you will need to make you own indoor garden:

1. Fast drying natural cement mix (from Bunnings)
2. Paper cup to mix the cement and water
3. 2 Moulds - 1 large, 1 small - I used plastic plant pot holders (from Bunnings)
4. Plastic spoon to scoop out the cement mix
5. Water
6. Patience - a lot of it!

Making time: 20 minutes
Drying time: 4 days : Concrete takes approx 20 - 40 hours to cure.

Mix the cement mix with water in plastic cup till it has cooking cream like consistency. Pour half of it in the larger mould and then sit the smaller mould inside it on top of the concrete mix that you just poured and fill up the sides with the rest of the concrete to make the bowl shape.

Shake and tap to get rid of the air bubbles, fill the smaller bowl with rocks and pebbles to weigh the small mould down and set aside to dry.

After a couple of days,  slip the bowl out of the moulds and let it dry for a day in the sun and sand it lightly with double grit sandpaper to get rid of any loose concrete powder.

Now its time to decorate and enjoy!

Fill your concrete bowl with succulents or pine cones or candles…the choice is yours.

I'm still yet to decide where my new indoor garden will live. I'm leaning towards the coffee table or the guest bath. But that's a story for another day!

You can also make paperweights with concrete. I used a heart shaped soap mould from Wholeport to make my paper weights.

If you decide to DIY with concrete, please share your photos! Would love to see the unique and beautiful things that can be made from humble ol' concrete!

Feel free to Pin!

I'm off to make a serving platter with concrete now! Will share soon!

Enjoy your weekend!


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