Tuesday 18 March 2014

RUGS RUGS RUGS - Natural and Eco-friendly


It's no secret I love a good rug, especially those that are natural and eco-friendly. 
Sisal, Jute and Cotton are some of my favourites. Synthetic Wool - not so much!

The perfect rug can instantly define a space, add appeal without breaking the bank, create interest and make a space flow.

I just love the natural and eco-friendly rugs hand woven by Anthology Home & Living. These Royal DARI rugs are made from refined jute and they are smooth underfoot.

ROYAL DARIs are signature rugs hand woven by Anthology Home & Living. They are patterned after traditional Indian Royal architecture. These motifs can be found engraved on the walls of the Royal Palaces of Indian Royalty. 
How gorgeous is that! A piece of history in your home! No wonder they are called the Royal DARI!
The colours and patterns are just gorgeous: Licorice Black, Azure Sky, Emerald Sea, Crimson Lake, Natural Sand, Pomegranate Passion, Indigo Skye, Paris Dreams, Cloudless Night and so much more. And the prices - low and reasonable. Each rug is made in just limited quantities to keep products fresh and unique for their customers.

Apart from their creative venture, this small home business also supports a charity 'Aspire' based in India that helps provide shelter and medical assistance to underprivileged women mostly victims of domestic abuse. 
A part of every sale is donated to the charity. The business also provides part time employment to the girls living in the shelter. Truly, a small business trying to make a difference! And it's not easy work!



 All designs come with style tips to make the most of every rug on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/anthologyhomeandliving

Refined Jute Bales in Anthology Home & Living Studio

To top it all, Anthology Home & Living is having a Facebook Pop-Up Sale
 on this Sunday 23rd March at 
4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time & 
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM US time (Saturday 22nd March night)

Make sure you are there! Also stop by their Facebook page and give them a Like!

Here are the details again:
Anthology Home & Living on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anthologyhomeandliving
Shop - Anthology Home & Living on: www.anthologyhomeandliving.com


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