Tuesday 25 November 2014

Crushing on Throws

A beautiful throw can be the easiest way to add that little extra pizazz to a room...draped over a sofa, at the end of the bed or resting casually on the armchair in the study. Throws can add a look of casual elegance, a bohemian vibe or a contemporary feel to the room by lending texture.

I especially love the ones from Dainty Red Bird...made from organic cotton, crocheted to look like delicate lace, in colours that complement any decor!
My Scandinavian Home
Home Beautiful
Gypsy Dreams Bohemian Throw in Ebony
Gypsy Dreams Bohemian Throw in Slate
Gypsy Dreams Bohemian Throw in Ivory

Just Gorgeous!

Make sure you have a peek at the new Gypsy Dreams Bed Throw Collection over at Dainty Red Bird!


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