Saturday 22 November 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover: PART 1 - LIGHTS!

Everyone knows that almost all design bloggers are obsessed with changing their home decor all the time! We eat, sleep and breathe design and are constantly rearranging furniture, dragging heavy cupboards around the room, changing window furnishings and we take repurposing coffee tables rather seriously! And I am no different! 

I've been obsessing about our master bedroom decor for a long long time now! A master bedroom is meant to be a calm oasis...a sanctuary...a place to relax and unwind after a long day. But I want something a little different. I want my bedroom to look like a hotel room but with a lived in, comfortable feel. You know what I mean right?

Since buying more furniture and painting the room is kind of out of the question (unless my husband suddenly becomes completely chance!), dressing up the room by adding accessories are my only options.

So I thought I'd start with lights, window furnishings & bed linen - three very important factors in any bedroom.

I've been in secretly coveting these hanging lights since watching The Block this season and it's definitely something I would love in our master bedroom.

The Block 2014
The Block 2014
The Block 2014

So, I got these really cool light options at Vintage LED and they are absolutely gorgeous and not to mention their Edison bulbs last 10 x longer than standard globes with a 2 year warranty! How great is that!

Unfortunately, electricians in Australia are quite expensive and I'm not gutsy enough to hardwire lights by myself.

So, I've been hanging around on Pinterest, looking for a few options that would require more DIY and less electrician time.


Hmmm...not bad right? 

Now I have some serious decisions to make:
~ Call an electrician to hang the lights from the ceiling & pay a load of money
~ Figure out if I'd rather do a DIY wall installation and still keep the bulbs hanging on the side of the bed

Ahhhhhh! decisions... decisions... decisions!
What do you think?....Ceiling or Wall?

This is our bedroom now....but watch this space for the AFTER!


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