Tuesday 5 January 2016

'Blinging' In The New Year and the Winner Is...!

Can you believe that we are already in the first week of 2016!?!
2015 is over and packed away along with the Christmas Tree! 

Albeit 2015 had it's share of ups and downs but in the end it was an AMAZING year because of the birth of our beautiful baby girl Elisha and also for being nominated for the coveted AMARA Design Awards!

And I'm sure 2016 will bring with it many many new challenges, especially trying to juggle work and parenthood. Somedays a cup of tea gets reheated six to seven times in the microwave before I give up.  At four months, day naps and night sleeps are a battle. And at times when I look around the house trying to picture my once-upon-a-time clean, tidy and well decorated home, I feel like hiding under the mountain of piled up laundry. {Kudos to all you super moms out there!}

But secretly I'm thankful for all the scattered toys, piles of laundry that need folding, constant vacuuming, spillages that need mopping, milk bottles that need washing, endless carrot pureeing and everything else thats needs doing! One cheeky toothless smile and outstretched little hands makes my heart explode with love! And some days even though I go to bed at 3:00 AM, the house gets a thorough cleaning and looks almost magazine-ready the next morning!

So let's kick start the year with a healthy dose of BLING! A little bit of sparkle always makes me smile. 
Here's a collection featuring this season's hottest and sparkliest must-haves!

{P.S. I might be slightly obsessed with that Jonathan Adler porcelain graphic zebra dish!}

Also let's put our hands together for the winner of the Dennis Family Homes $500 Freedom Australia Gift Voucher Giveaway!

Hope you have a ton of fun shopping!

A huge THANKS to all those who entered this giveaway and don't be disappointed, we have a lots of  awesome giveaways coming your way in 2016, so check back often or follow us on the blog, Facebook or on Instagram!
What a year it's truly been! 
Thanks for joining me on my journey! Here's to a new year filled with inspiration, design, laughter and beauty!

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