Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Ultimate 'Woman Cave'!

Every girl needs a place to retreat to for some R & R or in my case 'solitude' especially during footy season. We've all heard of and maybe even seen the all important 'man cave', a place where men can be men! Drink beer, watch footy on their extra large LCDs and shoot some pool! {sounds like my husband's dream room!!!}

Well, if men can have their 'Man Caves'...why can't women have their own space? A 'She Shed' or a 'She Nook' or a 'Woman Cave', call it what you will, but it's a sanctuary where you can spend some quality 'me' time, enjoy some privacy, put your feet up with a glass of vino and read a book or sometimes even invite close girlfriends to. The ultimate haven designed, styled and filled with things that make you happy!

So here are two different style boards -  GRAND SAFARI & HAMPTONS GLAMOUR to showcase the ultimate 'Woman Cave'!
1. Blue Beaded Chandelier | 2. Phyllis Morris Silver Bamboo Barstools | 3. Belinda by David Bromley | 4Helios Wall Mirror | 5Faux Cream, Pink, & Burgundy Peony | 6. Saretta Tufted Velvet Sofa | 7. Indoor Plant | 8. 'Savannah' Antique Silver Coffee Table | 9. Azure Sky Royal DARI Limited Edition Rug
A few pieces from the Grand Safari style board are my favourites like the Beaded White Chandelier, the leather bar stools from Chairish and the Royal Kaya hand braided rug from Anthology Home|Garden.

And from the Hamptons Glamour style board, I have to say I'm head over heels in love with the David Bromley Painting, Phyllis Morris Silver Bar Stools again from Chairish, Savannah Coffee Table & the Azure Sky (Blue) Natural Refined Jute Rug.

Both boards are so very different that I'm having a hard time picking a favourite. 
Which one do you like? 
Do you have a special place in your home you retreat to, to escape the troubles and relax in style?
I wish I had the space in my home to create the ultimate woman cave!!! 

Till next time!

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  1. Hi Rani...I was wondering if there is a program that you used to create your style boards? I am new to this and was wondering how you make such a nice collage of your items?
    Thanks so much.


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