Wednesday 25 January 2017

Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Marble in Your Home Décor

Fashions fade, but style is eternal
- Yves Saint Laurent

Marble is an impressive and versatile stone whose classical look and timeless feel will never go out of style. It is an expensive yet hard wearing, durable stone making it a great choice for interior designers to work with. A lot has been written about the resurgence of marble and The Marble Effect! Once historically used primarily in architecture, marble has been making a modern comeback and as interior design experts predict will only gain more momentum in 2017. 

However, OTT use of marble can be overkill and make a room feel austere instead of grand. The key is not to go all out and overboard but create a subtle yet standout feature. Use marble for either walls or floors, statement furniture pieces or key accent features. Our guest contributor, Julie shares her top five ways you can incorporate marble in your interior design without overwhelming your décor.

Gone are the days when marble in home décor was limited to just kitchens and bathrooms! Over the recent years, the trend of incorporating marble into living rooms and bedrooms has been made immensely popular by interior design experts world over. 

A home décor with marble gives a room an elegant yet contemporary look and makes it feel opulent and spacious. But how and where should marble be incorporated? This can get tricky and over the top use of marble can make a room look tacky and gaudy.

Before you proceed with introducing marble in your interior design; check out these five inspiring and smart ways to make your home look aesthetically appealing and visually interesting.

Probably the most convenient way that one can think of to introduce marble is through flooring. The trend of marble flooring has never gone out of style and are available in almost all the colours you can imagine.

There has been new developments in the marble industry, so, if you are interested in changing the flooring of your home; research and choose the stone as per the room you are interested to decorate as not all marbles are suitable for every room.

Couple of years ago, black and white chequered marble flooring was introduced in kitchens and bathrooms to create a striking look. The next big trend for 2017 is marble inlaid in wooden flooring for a gorgeous finish to any room.

Without a doubt marbles tiles are a great choice when it comes to decorating a bathroom or kitchen. Though they can be hard to clean and require constant maintenance, the beauty and timeless style they add to your home décor is worth it. Also, white marble can make a small room look and feel more spacious!

Yet another beautiful trend to follow this year is to purchase marble furniture for your living room or bedroom. There’s more to marble than just flooring and tiles. To make a bold statement, choose a coffee table in coloured marble and furnish the rest of the room in a neutral colour palette and layer with soft furnishings to create a sophisticated design.

Marble pendant lights are creating waves in the world of interior design. Marble's unique beauty makes these lights a statement feature in any design. Neo-classical marble lamps are also extremely complementary to a room décor. 

Lastly, if you are looking to accessorise with marble; you can easily include this versatile stone in the form of beautiful candle holders, jewellery dishes, marble trays or cheese boards. 

Unlike fashion fads and fickle design trends, marble is definitely a timeless style statement to include in your home in 2017 for a touch of sophisticated high end luxury. So how would you incorporate this beautiful stone in your décor? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next time...add a little marble to your interior design!


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Julie Austin loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at My Bedcomforter.

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