Monday 15 August 2016

The Marble Effect!

The past two years has seen marble making a resurgence in the world of interior design. Often synonymous with luxury, affluence, sophistication and elegance, marble is a classic stone that has been used to construct various ancient monolithic structures and also modern architecture. In modern interior design, marble has certainly found it's footing, often used in combination with various metals, leather, organic textiles, natural timber to create a sumptuous yet cosy environment.
Marble has been used for centuries in it's pure white form. However, according to Marble Maestro, even though the term ‘marble’ hailing from the Greek origin ‘marmaros’ translates quite directly as ''a snow white and spotless stone'', it is available in a myriad of colours. 

As a natural stone, marble is very tactile and versatile, capable of bearing immense weight. Recent years have seen a revival in the use of marble in various forms such as lighting, furniture, fireplace cladding, walls, tableware, splashbacks, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, decor accessories, soft furnishings such as bed linen, curtains, cushions etc, wallpaper, jewellery and even in the world of haute couture.

Furthermore, types of marble are equally variable, ranging from pure white or grey Carrara marble to limestone, mineral green, rich red Lepanto marble and cultured marble which is an amalgam of marble dust, colorants and polyester resins.
Once revered for its pure whites, coloured marble with dramatic veins and speckles is currently a hot trend snaking it's way into 2016. From speckled navy to rich reds, deep mineral greens, honey yellows and pale pinks, coloured marble is being used to create dramatic splashbacks and furniture to interior decoration accessories and ornamentation. 

To celebrate the beauty of coloured marble, here's a visual feast of dramatic and subtle marble imagery that is sure to wow and inspire! 

That is an overload of marbled gorgeousness! This design trend is sure to continue into 2017 and will be the one to watch out for!

My heart beats for the dramatic speckled grey marble and the white marble with the rich red veins! Which coloured marble takes your fancy?

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