Monday 1 August 2016

How To: DIY A Magnetic Vintage Schoolhouse Scroll Frame!

From vintage wooden frames to modern industrial ones, I love mixing and matching when decorating my home. I especially love vintage schoolhouse map scrolls! Those that used to hang in our classrooms and school corridors. Do you remember them? 
These scroll frames have made a huge comeback in interior design. From modern design to industrial interiors, scroll frames can enhance any decor style!
However, vintage scroll frames are quite expensive to purchase and the print or map usually comes attached with it and as usual I wanted something that could be customised.
So I decided to make my own! And I wanted to make one with a twist! One that would be large and make a statement, one that would be quick, easy and cheap as chips to DIY, i.e. instant gratification. Also one where I could change out the poster with ease and often without breaking the frame and undoing all the 'hard' work!

To make your own Vintage Schoolhouse Scroll Frame you will need:
  • Wooden trim or moulding x 4 - cut to desired size
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Danish oil 
  • Small round craft magnets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drill to make two holes
  • Twine, cord or rope to hang the frame
  • Poster or artwork
~ Firstly measure and cut the wooden trim/mouldings to the size of the poster that you intend to frame.

~ Stain the wood with a tint of your choice to give it that natural vintage look. I chose to keep the original colour of the wood which was a beautiful ash brown and just apply some danish oil lightly with an old sock to give it a soft shine and bring out the grain of the wood. Let the trims dry for an hour or so.

~ Next stick on the magnets at regular intervals with hot glue. I stuck six magnets on each piece of trim taking care to space them out evenly and making doubly sure they line up.
NOTE: Ensure that you check which sides attract and which repel. You want the magnets with the 'attract' sides facing each other so that they hold the frame together.

~ Drill a hole on either end on the back frame and thread the twine, cord or rope through the holes and tie a knot.

~ Sandwich the poster in between the frames. The magnets will hold the frames and therefore the poster together.

~ Voila! Hang your fabulous Magnetic Vintage Schoolhouse Scroll Frame up and admire!
I love this 'Pink Donut with Sprinkles' poster! It's quirky, colourful and brings a touch of fun and playful whimsy to any nursery or playroom!
The 'Pink Donut with Sprinkles' poster is one of my own designs and you can purchase and download it from here.

I printed the 'Pink Donut with Sprinkles' poster from Bannerbuzz Australia. They are just fabulous when it comes to printing large scale custom size posters. My poster size is 100 cm x 71 cm printed on beautiful 220 GSM gloss paper. A very large custom size! And I have to say I was thoroughly pleased with the online customer service and quick delivery! Bannerbuzz offers a wide range of customised and quality products at a great price. You can see their range of paper posters, custom vinyl banners, trade show displays, signs, stickers and decals, wall products, table covers and throws and many other customised products here.
This was a quick and easy DIY project. And unlike glued on frames, with a magnetic frame you can change out posters, maps or photos as many times as you like! An Easy On The Wallet DIY project!

I couldn't resist putting this one up of my cheeky little assistant with her favourite cushion! No surprises why I had to choose that poster!
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If you're after the forest animal graphics, you can download them from here from the fabulous We Lived Happily Ever After blog.

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The printing of the poster was sponsored by Bannerbuzz Australia. All opinions and DIY ideas are mine.
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