Sunday 28 August 2016

Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

A lot has been written about Feng Shui and its significance in architecture and interior design. Feng Shui literally translates to wind - water, which are the two quintessential forms of natural energy on earth.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of chi (a life force or energy flow) and the art of placement of elements to balance and enhance the environment. According to Feng Shui, the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects in your home affects your mood, success, health and happiness in a positive or negative manner.

Therefore, Feng Shui is a good way of introducing positive chi in your home and can be used in harmony with interior design to create a balanced, unified and organised interior.

Among all the rooms in our homes, the bathroom is often the most overlooked space when it comes to implementing Feng Shui. Our guest blogger Diana shares a few ways that you could apply Feng Shui and enhance positive chi in your bathroom design.

How To Create Good Feng Shui In Your Bathroom

According to traditional Feng Shui, bathrooms are negative spaces that should be closed off. However we all want beautiful spa­ bathrooms that we can show off and be proud of. That’s why according to certain recent Feng Shui trends, good bathroom design is something you shouldn’t ignore. Here are a few tips that will help you create good Feng Shui in your bathroom.

Clear All the Clutter 
When it comes to small spaces, according to Feng Shui, you should always try to get rid of all the clutter you can. It is really important to have a bathroom counter you love to look at. Of course, this doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be anything on it. Great smelling soaps, an attractive soap dish or a silk orchid are some things that you can always keep on your vanity counter. However, it is important to remember that less is more.

Plug the Drains and Keep the Toilet Lid Closed
Traditional Feng Shui books say that Chi (energy) can escape through all the drains in your bathroom. So if you want to retain the energy, you should find a way to plug all the drains when you’re not using them. Luckily, today you can get plastic drain covers in most of the hardware shops. These can help you close all the drains while they are not in use and prevent chi from escaping. Another place chi can escape through is your water closet. That’s why you should also keep the toilet lid closed at all times.

Add the Earth Element
All bathrooms have a lot of water – both tap water and through mirrors. Mirrors represent water in the five elements theory. Working with all the five elements is an important aspect of Feng Shui. In the controlling cycle, earth is much stronger than water, which means that too much water can create an imbalance. Luckily, you can easily add earth elements by introducing some golds, yellows and taupes to the colour of your bathroom wall. You can add some darker earthy tones to your bathroom through brown fluffy towels and bathroom rugs that will help you achieve a harmonious balance between the elements.

Freshen It Up
Invigorate your bathroom decor by renovating it. This way you can install new tiles and add some new features in your bathroom. When it comes to tiles, you should once again choose from earthy colours such as yellow, brown and dark red. Also, when you’re renovating, think about getting a crystal to hang from the ceiling as that is something that will help prevent drains from drawing away positive energy from your bathroom. Bathroom renovations are tougher than other rooms and therefore contacting experts specialised in bathroom renovations might be the best thing to do.

Create the Perfect Ambience
Another way to promote good Feng Shui in the bathroom is to create an ambience you’ll be able to enjoy. Install a dimmer switch that will allow you to turn up the light when you’re preparing for your working day and to dim the lights in the evening when you’re trying to unwind. Soothing music while you’re indulging in a relaxing bath along with scented candles, bath salts and herbal soaps will help create a spa like atmosphere. 

Applying these simple tips will help increase energy flow in your bathroom and affect your personal life and luck in a positive manner.

So there you have it - five ways you can incorporate Feng Shui in your bathroom for a harmonious and balanced design.

Do you apply the principles of Feng Shui in your daily life or in your home decor? Share with us in the comments below if you found this post useful and inspiring.

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