Wednesday 10 August 2016

Plywood - What's Old Is New Again!

Plywood has been one of the most ubiquitous building products for decades. It is a composite sheet material engineered from many thin sheets of strong layers or 'plies' of wood veneer glued, pressed and bonded together with the direction of the grain alternating making it durable, strong and highly versatile.

Emerging from humble beginnings, from construction materials, wall cladding and roof braces to building horse carriages and yardsticks, ply is quickly becoming the next big thing. Once hidden in the backgrounds, the modest ply is now making a distinctive comeback in interior design! The natural aesthetics and raw texture of plywood give it a clean and minimalist Scandinavian feel which is so popular and on trend at the moment.

Plywood is usually sold in standard 4 feet by 8 feet sheets making it easy to fashion into kitchen cabinets, cupboard doors or wall sheets.

Every piece of plywood has a unique pattern and colour making it perfect to use as decorative tiles on a feature wall or as cabinetry to create a design statement.

A distinctive and unexpected way to use plywood in your interiors is to line the ceiling with panels of ply cut into tiles, as seen in the dining room below. The natural texture of ply wood creates a warm, welcoming and inviting aesthetic and gives the room a light, bright and airy feel.

Or why not create a giant peg board plywood wall to really take practical kitchen storage to another level. Gives it a functional, seamless yet edgy look!

An unique wraparound blonde ply wall contrasting with the painted brick kitchen gives this room a modern industrial feel. The continuity of the ply panelling on the ceiling, walls and flooring gives it a minimalist seamless look.

How beautiful do these dark stained plywood cabinets look in contrast to the white and grey tiled splashback? Classy, simple to achieve and adds heaps of character! You could also use plywood as splashback to create a warm and neutral, aesthetically pleasing kitchen design.

Plywood feature walls are inexpensive and affordable, a quick and easy DIY project with bags of style and impact! It adds a Scandinavian minimalism and modern feel to any room. You could choose to varnish with a clear satin or water-based polyurethane finish, stain the plywood or apply danish oil or paint the plywood in your choice of colour or leave it natural for a raw textured feel. You can also choose the size, thickness and arrangement of the plywood sheets.

Definitely not one for the commitment phobic! This house with ply cladding on every wall and ceiling is a design commitment. The use of industrial elements like the concrete floors, industrial pendants and matte black trims makes a bold and unique design statement!

Plywood rose to popularity in the 80's and then declined. It became known as a 'waste' product hidden away under the surface of furniture, roofs, construction and building work. However, recently plywood has stepped out of the shadows and taken centerstage. What was once old, is definitely new again!

What's your take on plywood? Have you used it in your home?  Share with us in the comments below, we'd love to know!

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