Thursday 22 June 2017

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Small Apartment!

If you've ever seen a home makeover show or flicked through the immaculate pages of a home magazine, then you have witnessed fabulous home storage potential in large spacious homes. Meanwhile, those of us in small apartments have to do our best to cram and crash everything into tiny cupboards. If you are tired of the constant cramming, then try these seven tips for getting the most out of a small apartment.

Storage can be done anywhere
Traditional storage is usually a pantry, a cupboard, or a spare room if you’re lucky. Instead of looking towards traditional storage, why not consider some unique storage solutions? Look around your apartment for storage potential. For example, if you have an island bench, could it be converted to include storage underneath? Try installing some simple floating hooks to hang those pots and pans. Not only does it look great but it will free up some much needed drawer space. 

Use every nook and cranny
When you have a small living space, every little square metre counts! Think outside the box for creating alternate living spaces out of built-in wardrobes and large cupboards. For example, this clever little space works wonderfully as a nursery and storage of little items for the baby in what was previously a built-in cupboard with doors. Remove the doors, freshen up the space with wallpaper or paint and you have a smart alternate living space! You could even create a little foldaway study nook in this area.

Lighting options
Floor lamps are not necessarily the first thing you think of belongings which take up space. But in the grand scheme of things in a small apartment, they can take up valuable floor space which could be used for other items. Instead of loading up your apartment with cute floor lamps try installing down lights or flexible and versatile wall lights. Not only will this save space but will add a touch of contemporary elegance to your décor.

Multi-tasking décor 
Stylish decor is a process and not one that can be achieved flawlessly in your first go. Now that we have a much stronger grasp on the principle, décor is an excellent way to get more out a small space. Furnishings can be bulky and take up space. Opt for space saving items like a fold away ironing board or a breakfast bench. Look at bed frames which offer drawer storage underneath. Don’t accept your furnishings as just single functioning objects; they are a great way to get more out of a space.

Avoid the bulky draws 
A tallboy or a duchess is a great storage item in a house. But in your apartment it may just be a big old waste of space. Instead of opting for bulky storage furniture in your bedroom use unique options like hanging draws in your wardrobe. Not only will this save a large amount of space outside your wardrobe but it will also streamline the look and feel of the interior of your wardrobe. Hanging draws are a great solution and also come relatively cheap. 

Multi-use doors 
Saving space in a small apartment is all about making space where traditionally there never was. Sounds harder than it actually is unless you are a storage wizard. Instead of looking at your doors as simply a way of closing off one room from another, look at your doors as a chance to save space.

Try hanging door storage solutions such as bathroom organisers, jewellery organisers for the bedroom doors or an over the door shoe organiser. A door hanger will take away the clutter and free up the floors, benches or wardrobes for more important storage requirements. 

Vacuum your clothes 
Before you think to yourself 'has this person lost the plot', hear me out. Vacuum storage is a great way to store clothes you aren’t necessarily using and will save a tonne of space in your wardrobe. Avoid buying that additional clothes rack or those storage boxes to store winter woolies or old clothes, instead vacuum seal your clothes and pack them away.

For example when the summer months roll around, those fur coats are a huge space waster. Try vacuum packing those clothes you don’t need and store them instead. This will save you space and avoid unnecessary purchases for additional wardrobe space.

Storage solutions exist so they you can fit more of what you want into your life. It can be difficult to look around and see what space you may have available in a small apartment or unit. But utilising these super handy seven tips can assist in taking control of your limited space and making the most of it.

Design Tip: Before you start thinking about alternate storage solutions, it is a good idea to first de-clutter your current space.

Till next time... become a storage survivalist and get the most out of a small apartment!

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