Tuesday 18 July 2017

Cosy Up with a Gas Log Fire!

During the chilly winter months, there is nothing cosier than snuggling in front of a flickering flame of an open fire! A fireplace can make a dramatic difference to the interiors of any home. It creates warmth and comfort in a space while adding elegance, beauty and ambience. However, with the ever-increasing popularity of fireplaces these days and various designs and styles offered to you by different suppliers, it can be tough choosing just one particular style.

Today, we're taking a look at gas log fireplaces that look beautiful and realistic without the usual hassles of an open fire.

Considerations for Choosing a Fireplace

You need to decide why you need this fireplace - is it only for the ambience or are you looking for a source of heat and warmth in the cold winter months?
For heating purposes, you need to opt for a fireplace which provides equal distribution of heat. With a gas log fireplace, you can keep your room warm during the winter while regulating the temperature of the fireplace according to your convenience.

Costs of Energy
Considering this cost before you opt for a specific fireplace is very important as this can determine how much you will be spending on the running and the maintenance of a fireplace. For gas log fireplaces, you can save on power consumption costs while being environmentally friendly. What are the benefits of installing gas log fireplaces?
Gas logs fireplaces tend to be a perfect choice for all those homeowners love a bit of drama sans the hassles! So if you are looking for a wood-burning fire place which enhances the design of your home without the cost and efforts of daily maintenance, gas log fireplaces could be the best option. Also as there are multiple design options available, you could be spoilt for choice!

#1. Beauty and Practicality
Gas log fireplaces are high on the scale for beauty and practicality. You have a choice between rocks, quartz, coal or ceramic logs all of which look as realistic as possible. The media of the flame can be simulated or even real. You can also choose between the different finishes of glass fronts.

#2. Lesser Emissions
With multiple gas log fireplace options available you can pick and choose the one which produces fewer emissions. They tend to produce emissions which are almost 40% lower as compared to firewood. There are no harmful particles emitted with gas log fires. These are ideal for all those who are suffering from allergic conditions and also those who would like to be kinder to the environment.
#3. Easy Operations 
Unlike traditional wood fire fireplaces where you are required to arrange for logs which are cut and dried, gas log fireplaces can be turned on and off in an instant. You can easily regulate the flame or the temperature of the fireplace according to your needs making them very easy to operate.

#4. Hassle Free
Gas logs do not leave a mess so there is virtually no clean-up required. There is no soot and ash to be cleaned up. There is no involvement of shovels, buckets or brushes. You can use this fireplace for a long time and you do not need to pay any additional cost for maintaining these fireplaces. However like with everything, maintenance is important for effective operation, so ensure that the fireplace is cleaned and adjusted annually by a professional to ensure safe and efficient operation.

#5. Safety
With gas log fireplaces, there is no buildup of harmful materials which are flammable. These also get rid of the possibility of any stray flying sparks, which is quite common with wood fireplaces. Though this works out to be a safe choice it is advisable to get detailed advice from experts prior to any installation. This can ensure that you make the right choice among the many available. However, do your homework before you decide on a supplier. Look for reputation and experience in the installation of gas log fireplaces by your supplier of choice.
Do you have a fireplace at home? Which one do you have or which do you prefer?

Till next time... cosy up in front of a lovely gas log fire this winter!

About Frankston Heating
Frankston Heating are gas heater specialist in Melbourne with 40 years of industry experience and highly knowledgeable about all installation techniques which also includes gas plumbing. If you need premium gas log fire to fit out your home or gas heating services you can visit their website and contact them for a free consultation for your requirements.

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