Friday 21 July 2017

What's Your Sofa Psychology?

Everybody I know, owns a sofa. Everybody you know owns a sofa. But have you ever wondered what your choice of sofa says about your personality? Why are you attracted towards a certain style of seating and not towards others?

In fact, no single item says more about you than the sofa in your living room. For example, owning a sofa bed reveals that are an spontaneous, multi-tasker. You may hardly use the bed functionality, but you have it available in the event an extra bed is ever needed.

Tufty Time Sofa have detailed a sofa psychology infographic that summarises what type and colour of sofa you choose reveals about you.
The Sofa Psychology
So what did you learn about your personality? What does your sofa say about you? Share with us in the comments below.

Just remember this is a bit of fun and not to be taken extremely seriously!

Till next time... check out your sofa psychology!


The Sofa Psychology, courtesy of Tufty Time Sofa
Eric Nguyen is a content creator at North Teak – A live edge furniture e-commerce in Richmond BC who loves to create inspirational content regarding interior design.

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