Tuesday 19 September 2017

4 Simple Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Home Looking Like New

Many issues come in the way of keeping your home new and maintained. These problems may be associated with the kitchen, bathrooms, electricity or general issues that crop up now and then. However, ignoring them can only make them worse, so it is always advisable to treat them on time so that your home is problem free, clean and looks newer for longer.

There are certain tasks which must be carried out daily to maintain household items while others need maintenance quarterly or bi-annually. Our guest contributor, Emily has listed out 4 maintenance checks that will help ensure your home is well maintained and looks newer for longer.

Kitchen issues
Kitchen sink disposals is one of the major problems in maintaining the kitchen. Clogs and slow draining situations are most common. To avoid these problems, some home remedies can be followed which includes the disposal of the combination of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar into the sink. It will also keep your kitchen odour free. Sink disposal can also be maintained by grinding pieces of lemon and ice cubes. Other issues in the kitchen including cleaning the splashback and exhaust vents, maintaining kitchen cabinet doors and also cleaning tile grout as required.

Unused bathrooms
There are some places in the house which are not frequently used such as the guest room bathroom. The washrooms specifically require more attention. You should run the taps, turn on the shower and flush the toilet on a regular basis to keep the guest bath well maintained. Also giving the shower and bathroom tiles a good clean once in a while is important to keep it looking fresh and new.

Inspect your fire extinguisher and fire alarms
Fire extinguishers must be installed in every home to protect it from fire accidents and emergencies. There are different types of fire extinguishers, but the ones which can be used at home are water, foam, Carbon dioxide, wet chemical, fire blanket and dry powder. These extinguishers are used on a wider range of fires in the home. They are appropriate for putting out fires related to carpet and soft furnishings, woods, flammable liquids, petrol and spirits. These extinguishers are safe to use on textiles, gases and electrical fires. Keep the fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in a handy cupboard, cabinet or in the kitchen for easy access. Also remember to check all fire alarms in your home and change and replace batteries as and when required.

General maintenance
There are certain household issues which need also proper attention. These include replacement or repair of broken windows, clearing dead plants and shrubs and cleaning the gutter. Other than inspection of annual roof damage and leakage inspections, getting air conditioners serviced and ready for summer, checking exterior drainage systems, testing the water heater’s pressure, carpet cleaning, replacing light bulbs are all general maintenance issues that must be conducted on a regular basis. Along with that vacuuming of refrigerator coils and cleaning of faucet aerators are also important maintenance tasks.

So there you have it, a handy list of the general maintenance checks that need to be conducted to keep your home looking well-kept and new for longer!

Till next time... don't put off conducting those maintenance tasks around your home any longer!

About the Author
Emily is obsessed with home machinery and gadgets. She loves home decor as well and enjoys the sunset. She regularly posts at http://www.protoolguide.com.

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