Monday 25 September 2017

Interior Design Trends That Are Taking Over the Rest of 2017

Interior design trends are more than just following the newest and hottest rules in décor and patterns. Moving things around, even making slight changes to your décor provides you with an opportunity to bring something new and fresh into your lifestyle. However, keeping abreast of all the design trends and incorporating them can be challenging and expensive.

From luxe use of natural materials in interiors, new paint colours dominating the design world and luxury upcycling taking over the furniture market, interior design trends especially at this time of the year, keep popping up on all our favourite high-profile design blogs, home décor websites and interior design magazines.

To keep abreast of the interior design trends, our guest contributor Cate gives us a peek at what’s coming your way for the rest of 2017.

Trend 1: Let’s talk about colour
Never underestimate the influence of a great colour palette in your home. It can not only be a feast for your eyes but also a remedy for your soul. Milan Design Week 2017 certainly highlighted the importance of colour. Green is still very popular with a slant towards brighter, daring shades like avocado or celery. Violet and purple are being combined together, while pink is having a comeback in a far too long shunned girly hue called “millennial pink”. The whole idea is to rediscover the Eighties vibe with stronger modern colours that are both bespoke and luxe.

Trend 2: Wallpapers are IN more than ever
In 2015, wallpaper made a strong comeback. Not everyone accepted this new trend right away, but since then, we've come a long way! 2017 is all about celebrating patterns and designs you can get from creative and inspiring wallpapers. Furthermore, big floral motifs and abstract patterns have became one of the biggest trends in 2017 with no stopping in sight. Great wallpaper just like paint, has the power to change the whole feel of a space especially if it is combined with design appropriate furniture and adjusted to the size and scale of the room. Even small apartments can be bold with their wallpaper choice thanks to fabulous designs coming our way in the next few seasons.

Trend 3: Marble your home
Marble has gained its high-profile reputation because of gracing countertops and floors of classy and elegant houses usually reserved for royalty and the uber wealthier populace. But it's become more affordable and so we can all enjoy its beauty and elegance. White marble with grey and brown strains were very popular in 2017, and that trend will only expand and be enriched in the future seasons. Depending on your overall design, you can use it for kitchen countertops or bathroom tiles to achieve that elegant and refined décor or use it as flooring for a sophisticated interior design!

Trend 4: Richness of materials 
Those loving luxurious and plush home décor trends will be happy with the upcoming material recommendations. 2017 is all about combining textures like velvet, leather, fur, metal and wood to promote comfort and luxury. Metals like brass and gold will be useful to accentuate design details, matte black metal accessories will provide stark contrast, while textural fabrics like velvet will add to the plushness of the interiors.

Trend 5: Go tribal on your home
When trying to create a natural organic feel and look in your space, adding tribal elements like patterns and accessories create popular organic segments in your home design. Carpets, paintings, pillows, prints and decorative items are the usual parts of décor to include tribal elements and motifs. You could also look at furnishing your space with furniture with engraved tribal art on leather.

Trend 6: Welcome greenery indoors
Combining plants with your interior design is a great way to revive interiors and create positive energy in your home. A few hanging potted plants or arrangements can refresh the space instantly and create an organic living environment.

And lastly...
Even if it's minimal, change is positive.

Changing your living space from time to time is good for you, physically and mentally and following the 6 style trends listed above will undoubtedly help refresh your home, create a positive living environment and unforgettable interior spaces!

Till next time... which trend is your favourite?

About the Author
Cate Palmer is a designer by day and a writer by night. Her fields of expertise can be summed up to interior design, architecture, and art related topics. Her interests are, on the other hand, wide and ever-evolving. These days Cate is quite obsessed with design trends that are about to take over. She is constantly browsing through latest collections of home decoration Sydney based companies in order to find something trendy, stylish and functional.

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