Friday 23 March 2018

6 Top Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Looking Fabulous!

Taking home that brand new couch is something most get excited about. The thought of lounging and sitting on your new sofa while entertaining friends and family becomes something to look forward to. And truth be told, it is very easy to get emotionally attached to your couch because it is after all one of the important focal points in your home.

Depending on the kind of sofa you purchase, price varies considerably. You get what you pay for in this regard and if you have shelled out the big bucks to buy your dream couch then naturally you want it to last. Now that you have your couch, be sure to decorate your home like a pro!

Proper maintenance is key to making a good couch last a long time. Just like anything else the more you take care of it the better it will withstand the test of time. Today we're chatting with guest blogger Guy Keenan for his insight into tried and tested methods to maintain a sofa in prime condition for as long as you own it.

Keep it clean
Cleaning the couch at least once a week will help to maintain and preserve its condition. It is a methodical, step by step by step process to ensure every inch of your couch is kept clean. The first thing you need to do is find out what kind of material your sofa is made of.

Look for the care label of your couch. All the information that you need to know before you start cleaning is on that label. Care labels are usually found on the base of the sitting area. Once you remove the seating cushions, you should be able to see the tag easily.

When you find the care label, it will indicate a specific letter along with cleaning instructions on how to clean the sofa. Each letter corresponds to a particular cleaning method. It is imperative you use the correct cleaning solution for your type of couch

S means dry cleaning only

W stands for water-based cleaner only

WS stands for either water-based cleaner or a dry cleaning

O says that the material is organic and needs to be washed using cold water

X means to vacuum and brush only

Thoroughly vacuum your couch using appropriate attachments. The upholstery attachment with the bristle brush works well to dislodge any dust or debris on the surface making it easier to vacuum clean. The crevice tool works great to clean the corners and deep sides of the sofa.

Tackling stains
Spot clean stains as they happen. It is safe to use an all-purpose cleaner or fabric cleaner for the surface of your couch. Carefully read the directions and follow accordingly. Spray the cleaner then scrub with a brush until the stain has been removed.

Once you're done cleaning; it is vital to dry the surface with a towel or clean microfiber washcloth. If the washcloth shows it's still dirty then repeat the process.

Again it is of utmost importance to dry the surface of the couch after cleaning or else it will leave a very unsightly stain that is even bigger than the one you were trying to get out. Alternatively, you can also use a steam cleaner to naturally clean every inch of your sofa.

Fluff it up
I have an old aunt who has owned the same couch for more than thirty years. Her secret is that every time she gets up from her couch, she fluffs up the back cushions. When I say fluff, it is the simple act of picking up the cushion, giving it a good squeeze or two and putting it back in place.

Poking, prodding and yes even spanking the cushions reform the stuffing materials back to its original shape. This practice of fluffing the cushions will prevent the internal materials from clumping and hardening in a particular position over time.

This is often overlooked by some because they don't deem it necessary and end up with deformed cushions with permanent imprints from repeated use. Again the simple act of fluffing your back and seating cushions will keep your couch looking like new.

You don’t have to fluff your sofa every after use like my old aunt does but do so at least once a day maybe before you go to bed. Doing that will make all the difference in keeping your couch looking like new!

Stain protect
Nothing could be worse than dealing with a massive stain on your favourite couch. Sure you can deal with the stain as it happens, or you can take safety measures to protect the couch from accidents.

There are several precautions one can take to prevent stains from ruining your couch. You can apply a stain protector such as Scotchgard fabric & upholstery protector. Read the directions and apply the protector to the entire surface of your sofa.

Utilising a slipcover for your couch when you have a lot of guests over can help avoid any stress about possible accidents on your beloved couch. You can purchase slipcovers of various designs and materials for variety.

Flip it good
Don't you just hate it when you see oddly shaped contours on your once perfect couch? You can prevent depressions from permanently forming by of course fluffing the cushions and by flipping them as well.

Make sure to flip the cushions on your sofa at least every two weeks. This ensures your couch cushions are not worn down on one side while the other remains untouched. Doing this practice will prevent your couch from looking old and worn down.

Watch where you sit
Do not sit on the armrests of your couch. Sure, you can if you want to but that would risk the structural integrity of the handrests of your couch. The handrests were not made or designed for sitting.

Putting your whole weight on something designed to handle an arm cannot be a good idea. Doing so will cause some damage to your couch over time.

It is common for us to have a favourite spot on the couch but sometimes only sitting on one end of the sofa will cause that particular cushion to get worn down faster than the rest of the sofa. Try to alternate where you sit throughout the whole length of the couch.

Practising the different cleaning and maintenance tasks listed above will ensure your sofa lasts you a very long time. Don't wait until your couch is bent out of shape from lack of attention and excessive use before you do anything about it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Do you practise any of these tips shared by Guy or do you have one that works a treat? Do share with all of us in the comments below or on Instagram.

Till next time... don't forget to fluff those cushions!

About the Author
Guy Keenan is the writer behind Guy About Home, a gardening and home improvements blog with lots of information on home improvement, maintenance, smart technology for your home, eco-friendly advice and cleaning tips.

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