Friday 2 March 2018

Japandi: An East Meets West Design Movement

What is Japandi?

Well let's put it this way, if you don't know what Japandi is... it's time you get to know this trend because in 2018 this design movement is really going to shine through!

It's the ultimate East meets West design movement. Drawing on the popular characteristics of Wabi-Sabi – the Japanese principle of finding beauty in imperfections, Japandi is the perfect marriage between raw, organic, earthy yet delicate Japanese designs with the smooth, clean, classic, minimalist lines of Scandinavian style. This niche design movement is slated to become the trend to watch in 2018!

If you are crazy about all things beautiful, classic yet imperfectly perfect, then this is the design movement for you and here are 5 tips on how you can incorporate a touch of Japandi into your home d├ęcor.

Pair dark with the light
Mix and match dark or even black timber with light and blonde smooth Scandinavian furniture pieces to create a soft yet sharp contrast. Ensure that the furniture even though in two different shades, are all similar in style i.e. modern, low-line classic Japaeses design style.

Fixtures that look like origami
Light fittings like bubble and saucer lamps, made from rice paper that resemble origami work well in this design style. 

Delicate natural accessories 
Accessorise your coffee table with handcrafted treasures or set your dining table with beautiful organic shaped earthenware in a muted palette. Use natural rugs and shibori textiles, bamboo placemats, handmade ceramics and stone accents to create a light, bright and natural space.

Add a touch of nature
Add plants and cut branches in simple vases throughout the house. Use organic ceramic vases in soft shades or wicker and natural jute baskets that complement the greenery for a light and fresh feel.

A muted colour palette
Choose a muted colour palette and keep the look pared back to create a soul soothing oasis of calm. Add layers of textures in similar hues for a classic and plush feel and add dramatic touches of smoky greys, ebony black and sage green to lift the natural look.

This new design trend truly embodies and showcases the best of minimalist Scandinavian style and the earthy simplicity of Japanese design. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and less is more concept, don't be fooled into thinking that this style is too austere. In fact the fusion of these two beautiful interior design styles creates a classy, layered look that is extremely inviting and timeless!

Till next time... get your Japandi on!

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