Monday 15 October 2018

Tips to Give Your Home a Relaxed & Stylish Vibe!

How do you feel when you walk into your home? Do you get stressed out by the clutter, disarray and general lack of organisation? Are you yearning to transform your space into one that brings you peace and serenity when you walk through your front door instead of one that makes you feel a sense of chaos? If so, then this is the article for YOU! 

Today, we will look at how you can go about creating a more relaxed vibe in your home. With specific decor and design ideas, you’ll be able to transform your space into a calm oasis that you can rest, rejuvenate and recharge in. Read on to find out more!

Freshen Up The Furniture!
Do you have mismatched furniture strewn all around your living room or bedroom? If so, perhaps it’s time to engage in a weekend of DIY crafts. A fantastic way to calm the disarray in a space is to ensure that you have a consistent colour palette going on, from your couch, to your rugs and tables. You don’t have to go out and spend thousands on new furniture - consider painting your furniture, purchasing a new rug and reupholstering your couch with upholstery fabric from Wortley Group. Some fantastic, soothing colours to look into would be whites, light blues, blush pinks and any muted shade that isn’t too bold or out there. 

Conquer The Clutter
Clutter is something that can send anxiety levels through the roof! In fact, there are even scientific studies that have proven this to be a fact, so don’t worry, you’re not just imagining it! One of the best ways to bring peace and serenity into your home is to conquer clutter. This may seem like a daunting task if you live in a big house, but our advice is to tackle it room by room, and to take your time doing so. Do you have items and belongings that are collecting dust? Why not hold a garage sale, or give things away to family and friends who may actually make use of them? Aside from giving things away, you can also conquer clutter by being organised with your storage system. Opt for closed shelves, storage furniture and anything else that hides clutter away from both your eyes and guests’ eyes. We guarantee that this simple yet essential step will completely transform your environment from chaotic to zen in an instant. 

Add A Touch Of Freshness
Nothing is more relaxing that a slow stroll down a park or the botanic gardens on a spring afternoon. You can bring this very feeling of relaxation into your home by introducing some freshness to your space in the form of freshly cut flowers and green plants. Always ensure that you select plants that are low maintenance, in order to prevent visuals of unsightly wilted flowers and leaves which are the complete opposite of relaxed and inviting! Succulents and cacti require little to no maintenance, as do orchids which can last up to three months from bud. Low maintenance plants ensure that you don’t have to stress about watering them on the daily, whilst at the same time bringing a splash of serenity into any space.

Can You Smell That?
Did you know that certain smells can induce a sense of relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress levels? This is why so many massage therapists and spas always resort to lighting scented candles, incense and having stashes of potpourri all around the place. To bring that very same feeling of relaxation to your home, consider purchasing a scent diffuser that keeps your space smelling fresh all day long. You can also incorporate scented candles in your favourite scents into your home decor, keeping it smelling like paradise all year round. Some soothing scents we recommend are Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla and Rosemary. 

Incorporate Elements Of Nature
Aside from flowers and plants, another great way to breathe some serenity into your space is to incorporate a few elements of nature into it. Natural materials foster a sense of inner calm and peace in us, so look into rustic wooden furniture, natural stone benchtops or even a mini fountain in your backyard to really up your zen levels!

We hope this article has given you some insightful knowledge into how you can make your home a more relaxed environment! 

Till next time... keep it casual!

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