Tuesday 30 October 2018

Design Tips Straight From The Block!

The iconic building, the old Gatwick Hotel received a complete overhaul during the filming of my favourite reno show -The Block, with its interior design drawing on the art deco features of the former hotel, and the eclectic style of St. Kilda. The Block might be over till next year, but here are some hot design tips on how to incorporate The Block style in your home, from Houzz AU & NZ editor, Vanessa Walker.

Design Tip 1: Bold velvet
Velvet is a gorgeous fabric that has the ability to warm up any space, making it a popular choice for contestants this series. Paired with pastels or metallics, a velvet piece of furniture can add a level of elegance to your room. For a more subtle look, opt for velvet cushions or footrests to give your room the deluxe treatment. For more tips, check out: Decorate with Velvet.

Design Tip 2: Statement ceilings
Making a frequent appearance in this series was the inclusion of statement ceilings through the use of texture, colour and height. Adding mouldings to your ceiling will deliver a 3D effect, which can be enhanced further with a vibrant colour. If your room feels cramped, integrating a raised ceiling can really elevate the space. For more inspiration, have a look at Ceiling Treatments.

Design Tip 3: Contemporary chandeliers
Looking to give your home some character? Add a modern chandelier to your room –that's what the contestants did. According to the Houzz & Home 2018 Australia study, 35% of the homeowners plan to purchase lighting this year, so chandeliers, which create unique shapes and patterns, is a desirable option for those who want to give their room an artistic finish. For something different, you can create your own chandelier by clustering pendant lights, for a truly personalised look. For more tips, check out Hanging Lights.

Till next time... create a 'Block' style home!

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