Friday 2 November 2018

Why A New Dining Table Could Bring You Closer Together

How is that family dinner has faded from the calendar, and we only congregate together for a family meal on special occasions? It’s a time to reconnect and look your family members in the eye, with no distractions, and just engage on a relaxed and genuine level. So, how does dinner pass each night without a family dinnertime on the itinerary? Well, it may be as simple as the absence of a quality dining table that is hindering these congregations. Take stock of your living space, and consider the reasons why a family dining table could bring you closer together.

Ritual reunion
Having a standing dinner time will solidify your family bonding, and create a ritual between each member. Life can get pretty complicated, and some days can be non-stop for some or all of the family, which is why finding the right dining tables in Melbourne is so integral. But staying true to that standing time, and pushing aside the chaos to be present at the dining table will be where your children will grow and appreciate positive rituals.

A child's growth is accelerated from the moment they enter school and over the next twelve years they will become many different versions of themselves. These dinnertime congregations will pose as an anchor and will give stability.

Removes technology temptations
Making a technology-free dinner will not make you popular, but it will provide so much value to your family, including yourself. When a family eats at different times or in front of the television, they are never disengaging from their devices or the media around them, so there is no reprieve. How many of us pick up our phone mindlessly and just scroll through our phone during social events, conversations and meals? Too many. Flicking through your socials is much harder around the family dining table, and will soon set a standard of no technology at dinner time.

Promotes healthy discussion
We become extensions of those we interact with, or at the very least we share a lot in common with. Having healthy discussions around the dining table is an opportunity to hear another side to a topical debate, find out what another generation thinks, or even flag some behaviour that you may want to monitor. You want your family to be individuals of the world and students at life, so take the opportunity around the family dining table to probe their insights and get each member conversing about a range of topics and pressure points in their life.

Underscores the importance of the meal
In the age of UberEats, food is a commodity that we can get anywhere and anytime and any way you like it. While very convenient, it does devalue the importance of a home cooked meal, and how cooking and consuming one together makes us closer.

Your new dining table will set the scene for kitchen discoveries wherein each member of your family can explore different cuisines and become accomplished young chefs. Your family may love the flashy options of the delivery and takeout empires. However, when they look back on their formative years, they will remember Dad’s favourite pasta or Mum’s roast beef.

A gorgeous family dining table complements any living space, but the true joy is what it brings to your family. Closeness. Only around the dining table can a family create a ritual that will be cherished for years to come, have healthy discussion in a complicated world, give much needed device-free time and highlight the importance of a home cooked meal.

Till next time... do you have a dinner time ritual?


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