Thursday 29 November 2018

Maximise Living Space With Careful Door Design

With increasing numbers of Australians opting for medium to high-density apartments for convenience and lifestyle requirements, the amount of available living space is shrinking. According to Domain, the average apartment from 2004 to 2009 was 140 square metres, while in 2017 it was 130 square metres – a decrease of 10 square metres in under a decade. Shrinking living spaces pose a difficult challenge for the architecture and design industry, as Australian’s expectations of their living spaces remain high.

End users continue to demand functionality, comfort and style, without compromise. According to Peter Doyle, Business Development Manager, Cowdroy, in multi-residential projects, designers and specifiers are looking for innovative and creative solutions that meet these three requirements at an affordable price, and without taking up too much valuable living space. This includes selecting a door system ideal for small-space living.

It’s important to examine how conventional door systems impact occupants in small living spaces. The traditional hinged door that swings open and closed is common, although they take up significant floor space, can pose as a safety risk (to both occupants and interior damage) and if not maintained, can become stiff and difficult to operate. “For the ideal solution, designers should opt for a track system such as Cowdroy’s Sliding Barn Door, Triumph Sliding Door or Overlay Bi-Fold Door,” advised Mr Doyle. Since 1980, Cowdroy has been the pioneer of the most innovative track and seal products in Australia, delivering high quality, and long lasting solutions for the multi-residential sector.

Cowdroy Sliding Barn Door Track System
Ideal for internal applications on timber doors including timber framed glass doors, with a matte black finish for that industrial look. It has an outstanding feature – a two-piece jigsaw- join track – making up a two metre overall length. In addition, there’s an optional track extension kit with a length of 1.2 metres to cater for wider doors.

Cowdroy Triumph Sliding Door Track System
This system delivers a high quality door solution available in two configurations – wall mount or top mount rack. With its sleek, streamlined and contemporary design, the Triumph system features a lubricated slimline nylon door guide that results in smooth, quiet operation.

This advanced door solution also includes four nylon tyred wheels and a fully sealed ZZ ball bearing carriage that are incorporated into a wrap-around track with an anti-bounce end stop. Maximum operational comfort, easy access and sophisticated design combine to deliver the ideal space-saving residential door system.

Cowdroy Overlay Bi-Fold Door Track System
With a focus on subtlety and performance, the Overlay Bi-Fold Door Track System has been specifically designed for wardrobe/large cupboard doors, pantries, closets and concealed rooms. Featuring a compact and sturdy construction with double wheel assemblies, this folding door system can support door leaves up to 25kg in weight. Dual side rollers prevent doors from skipping off the track and have been cycle tested to 15,000 cycles – ensuring a product that delivers long-lasting, high quality performance and peace of mind.

Providing significant design versatility, the Overlay system is suitable for full timber, timber framed and aluminium framed doors, and incorporates reversible components for left and right hand openings.

Cowdroy Robemaker
When it comes to wardrobes and space saving, the Robemaker is an advanced wardrobe solution with a sleek, streamlined finish. Designed for two, three and four door wardrobe applications, the Robemaker system includes fully integrated componentry, and a patented bottom track that eliminates the need for concealed wheels and unattractive track fixing screws.

The Robemaker system is customisable with slimline aluminium extrusions that are available in gloss white and clear anodised finishes. This solution is also compatible with an optional soft-close adaptor kit.
With these great options, you can truly maximise living space. Small apartments and rooms can benefit from sliding or barn doors. Do you have bi fold or sliding doors in your home? Do you have a favourite?

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