Sunday 20 September 2020

Hot Home Trends For Illuminated Style!

A couple of weeks ago, along with a few other amazing home stylists I was asked to reveal my top top tips for adding a fire pit to an outdoor space to create something truly special. Read on and and discover how you too can create a sanctuary in your very own backyard. Hope you enjoy this article. 

Outdoor spaces are a reflection of our life and style as much as home interiors. As we break into Spring, backyards, gardens and patios can be uniquely created to make the most of the longer, but still cooler evenings.

Here, four top home design experts across a range of popular aesthetics, explain how their Glow fire pits by Northcote Pottery ignited their imagination and give their top tips for achieving an aspirational outdoors.

Family Friendly Safe Fun
Smartly planned backyards have infinite potential for family adventures. The best, provide for a variety of ways to play, from campouts to parties to playdates. Fire pits, when installed properly and used with supervision, will encourage children and adults alike to engage more with the outdoors. 

Former, The Block contestants and contributors to Channel 9’s exclusive “Location, Lifestyle, Living” series, Kim and Chris, recommend using a childlike imagination when creating fun and functional family spaces: “It’s important to include engaging features, such as vegetable gardens, insect and animal-friendly plants, and playground equipment if you have the space. 
Encourage different forms of sensory play by adding a sandbox or a water table,” says Kim. 
“When styling our backyard, we incorporated things that would grow with our kids, as well as benefit the grown-ups. We did this by adding a Glow Acheron fire pit,” she adds.

Available in Bunnings stores mid-October.

At Home In The Hamptons
Hamptons inspired style is an enduring trend in Australian home design because of the look and lifestyle it embraces. Principle at Indah Island and leading design expert in this glamourous aesthetic, Natalee Bowen, explains: “Merging interior and exterior spaces is a central tenant of Hamptons style. Signature features such as alfresco areas, outdoor dining and entertaining areas are designed to encourage a form of fluid indoor/outdoor living. Adding a fire pit at the center of your exterior space instantly creates a social focal point and extends a warm, inviting atmosphere.

“Fire pits are the heart of any backyard, alfresco or garden that can elevate your exterior décor, even when not in use. They also provide an opportunity to carry your interior colour palette through to the garden and no tones are more Hamptons than whites and greys, making the white terrazzo bowl of the Carla, Glow firepit, a must have. It’s cooking grill plate and safety lid also make it a great way of adding a cooking space to outdoor areas that can’t accommodate a separate kitchen area.”

Uniquely Urban
For many, city living means inherently less square footage. Home décor expert Rani Engineer, who specialises in urban dwellings, applies her expertise to overcome this: “With a little planning and creativity, any exterior space can become a therapeutic sanctuary that offers an escape from the hectic city. Identify how you would like to use your outdoor space, then design around those needs. Add insulation and a beautiful backdrop with a vertical garden by cultivating lush plants of various heights in layered tiers from the floor to the canopy.”
“As you would in an indoor room, add a focal point that has a ‘wow factor’, for which a fire pit is ideal. A stylish fire pit will instantly become the focal point of an outdoor space. It creates a relaxed and intimate cocoon making it ideal for entertaining and looks beautiful even when it’s not in use. 

The Vineyard Fire Pit is perfect for the centre of a landscape project and creates a versatile centrepiece which adds to the ambience when used.” 

Available in Bunnings stores mid-November.

Cosy with Modern Country Style
Australia’s countryside has inspired a broad range of classic looks, from farmhouse to Queenslander. Ali Jacks, homes stylist and creator of Home & Things, used a modern interpretation of the country style as the inspiration behind her own Hinterlands home: “Drawing its signature elements from the landscape, country style focuses on the natural surroundings and is defined by organic materials, raw surfaces, and practicality.

“Décor should have character and charm, inspire nostalgia, and impart a sense of cosiness. Its defining shades are cream, russet and whitewash, with textures and pops of bright colours preferable over prints.

“A country escape would not be complete without nights spent under the stars, gathered around a fire. The Carla fire pit perfectly suits this aesthetic because of its terrazzo finish. To complete this look, I recommend styling your fire pit on a pebbled surface surrounded by rustic bench top seating.”

Adding a fire pit makes any outdoor area a true extension of the home, with style, practicality and interest. Glow fire pits are designed with an extensive diversity of aesthetics, from simple and rustic to innovative and artistic options, to perfectly fuse with individual style while adding fun with function.

Till next time... there's nothing better than lounging by a beautiful fire on a cool evening!

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