Sunday 13 September 2020

How to Get Inspired on Your Next Display Home Tour

Buying a new home is an exciting adventure, and building a new home is an even more exciting one. It's hard not to get lost in the endless possibilities that come with customizing a home from the ground up. This is why it's a good idea to visit a display home, or several display homes, to help you get an idea of what's compatible with your lifestyle. If you are new to display homes and not sure what to expect, keep reading for ideas on how to get inspired on your next display home open house.

Know what you need in a house
When arranging a display home tour, you should already know what you need in a house. Not every home will fit your needs, lifestyle, and family. Take the time to consider your priorities and jot them down. 

Key priorities to keep in mind include:
  • How much usable square footage do you need? 
  • What are the minimum and the maximum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need? 
  • Are there additional features that you need i.e. an office, spacious garage, large closets, a wide stairway, or dedicated gun wall? 
  • Does the flow and functionality of the house suit your lifestyle? 
  • How much house can you comfortably afford?

Create a checklist and take notes
Once you identify what you need in a house, create a checklist to take along on your display home tour. Make sure the checklist includes your needs, any questions about furnishings and fittings, and any questions you have for the builder or real estate agent. Take notes during your open house tour that will help you remember key points and assessments when you start to debrief.

Debriefing will help you determine if the display home is the right place for you. You should review your checklist shortly after finishing your tour while your brain is fresh. Assess the important details you noticed about the home and how they fit with your home needs. Using a checklist will help you keep your buyer priorities in check.
What to pay attention to during a walkthrough
There are certain features to pay attention to during a walkthrough. In addition to making notes on your checklist, take note of the home's layout. Your home is your paradise where you spend time with family and friends. Pay attention to the layout and flow of the home and make sure it aligns with your lifestyle. Do you prefer the kitchen and outdoor living areas to be close to create an entertainment space? Do you prefer to have bedrooms on one side of the house? Is an open concept better for your family or do you like a division of living areas?

Perhaps one of the most important things to notice about a display model is the quality of construction. The first things you will notice about a home are the finishings and fixtures. Once you take in the presentation of the home, take a good look at the quality of construction. Notice if the doors and windows are level and free of gaps. Pay attention to the quality of building materials, appliances, fixtures, and brands used in the home. These details will give prospective buyers an idea of craftsmanship.

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Till next time... Follow these suggestions on how to get inspired on your next display home tour and feel like a pro when shopping for your new home!

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