Wednesday 7 July 2021

Taking a Playful Approach to Decorating Kid’s Bedrooms!

Children’s bedrooms are a place for fun and excitement, a magical space to inspire creativity, to express personality and where whimsical patterns can capture their imagination. When it comes to decorating a room for your little one to play and grow in, the scope seems limitless and the experience of choosing designs for different ages and personalities should be a lot of fun.
Paula Taylor, Trends and Design expert at Superfresco Easy recognises the huge impact that a room’s aesthetic can have on a child’s overall mood. According to Paula, when looking to create a fun and peaceful environment, walls are a big consideration as the tone and pattern can influence mood, thoughts and emotions. While soft tones might be well suited for a nursery a more bold and playful design can appeal to toddlers and older children.

Creativity and a playful approach are key when considering the ‘fun’ elements of a child’s bedroom, optimising the space for good sleeping is also a priority. Just as any bedroom should be a sanctuary, it is especially important for children. A child’s bedroom should be a haven, a space they love to spend time in, in contrast to the often fast-paced and overstimulation of their every day.

It’s important to choose a design that evokes calmness and relaxation in your child’s bedroom alongside elements that are fun and carefree. Striking the right balance between a space that captures the imagination and appeals to our little ones’ inner calm can be achieved through the careful selection of tone and texture on the walls. Soft designs and soft colours go hand in hand in creating a peaceful haven, while bright and whimsical designs can inspire and uplift an overall mood.
Neutrals and cool shades tend to give off a sense of calmness and relaxation, while warm, bright colours often feel energetic. Light colours help to visually expand a space, while dark colours can feel cosy and enveloping. The right pattern is equally important in achieving the balance. From fluffy clouds to polka dots in a range of blues, pinks and yellows Superfresco Easy’s designers have created some stunning wallpapers suitable for kids of all ages giving endless options to create stylish and unique havens.

Sky’s the Limit
Superfresco Easy’s cloud wallpaper brings the outdoors in and is a great stylish solution to bedroom walls. A calming and comforting print that reflects a vast, open sky available in on-trend tonal yellow, soft pink and soothing navy. $95 per roll.
Fly High Butterfly
Superfresco Easy’s pink butterfly wallpaper will add irresistible fun and brighten up any space. In a beautiful pink, purple and white butterfly design, this wallpaper brings a touch of playful style. Use it to create a feature wall or style it across the entire room for wow-factor appeal. $95 per roll.
Seeing Stars
From a much-loved nursery rhyme to your child’s bedroom walls, a starry theme can instantly capture the imagination while soothing your little one towards a good night’s sleep. Whether featuring on an accent wall or decorating the entire room, this style can easily transcend from the nursery to an older child’s room. Superfresco Easy’s Superstar style features large star motifs across a white background in pink, silver and black and white, $95 per roll.
Going Dotty
A fun print such as polka dot can introduce a cheery aspect to the bedroom. Superfresco Easy’s dotty styles are available in a bold fresh multi-bright colour combinations or stylish Dotty Polka Silver, ideal to add a modern touch in the nursery. Also available in warmer tones such as rose gold and yellow to create a relaxing vibe. $95 per roll.
Kids grow up quickly and all too soon you’ll have fast forwarded from decorating the nursery to arranging a teenager’s hang out den. Luckily Superfresco Easy’s ‘Paste the Wall’ technology allows a quick application of wallpaper, which can be peeled off by hand without damaging the wall underneath, opening up the possibility to update your kid’s bedroom just as fast as they hit their milestones.

According to Paula, historically, wallpapering and its removal have been considered tricky jobs best left to the professionals, however, papers with non-woven backing allow you to hang dry wallpaper directly from the roll to a pre-pasted wall. This means that the dry paper is far easier to handle, less likely to rip or tear and will trim more easily than when wet. In addition, non-woven wallpapers can be removed from the wall in minutes without needing to steam or scrape.
Superfresco Easy is available across Australia at Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Hardware Group stores, with prices starting at RRP $60 per roll. For more information and further products visit Superfresco.

Till next time... select the right tone and pattern for your children's walls!

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