Tuesday 13 July 2021

The New Look of Water Conscious Style

Stylish, sensory showers needn’t cost the earth, with the launch of a new range of Four-Star rated showerheads, designed to lower water usage and utility bills. Created by industry leading kitchen and bathroom hardware experts, Methven, the Kiri Low Flow MKII range of three shower products in glistening chrome, combine an elegant droplet shaped rose, with the latest water dispersion technology, Satinjet®.
Requiring just 5.5 litres of water per minute, compared to the conventional nine litres, Methven’s Satinjet® technology uses specifically positioned twin jets to collide streams of water, creating 3,000 droplets per second for a truly unique showering experience. According to Andy Grigor, Head of Design and Innovation at Methven, Australians are the greatest per capita consumers of water, using an average of 100,000L of freshwater per person each year. So, there is a great opportunity to be more water wise and reduce our utility bills at the same time. The innovative, intelligent design of the Kiri Low Flow range, allows homeowners to make water wise choices while creating stylish showers.

Adding to the existing range of showers, taps and mixers, the new look Kiri Low Flow MKII designs offer clean lines and strong dynamic forms that will stand out in any bathroom. Comprising a wall shower (AUD $261), a handset (AUD $187) and a shower rose (AUD $165), the new line is created to be easy to maintain and long lasting.
Methven is committed to creating high quality, stylish products that reduce the amount of water we consume. From the shower rose and handset, which can be screwed onto an existing unit by hand, to the wall shower, there’s an option for any home to enjoy their shower experience with the peace of mind that they are reducing their impact on the planet.

Methven products are available through Bunnings Warehouse, Reece, and plumbing stores and showrooms nationwide.

Till next time... are you water-conscious?

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