Monday 18 October 2021

Clever Kitchens and Brainier Bathrooms!

From entertaining guests at dinner to alerting homeowners to leaks, smart tech has the potential to reimagine the way we live. Once the domain of the ultra-wealthy, new affordable and scalable home automation options are opening up the potential of all homes, including better bathrooms and clever kitchens.
According to Clipsal, Offer Manager, Tim Fant, for the first time, true home automation is affordable, easy to use and simple to install. Basic options include products like plug timers, or smart lights, that control one element of the house. Alternatively, complete systems like Clipsal Wiser TM Smart Home combine control of lighting, air conditioning, appliances and almost anything else in the home, from the tap of a phone, a movement, or a simple phrase.

By connecting to power points, light switches, sensors, blinds and other devices wirelessly, Clipsal Wiser can be installed without special cabling needed to be installed into the walls, so homeowners can choose what and when they upgrade to reimagine the way they live.

Here, Tim discusses opportunities for two of the rooms where smart tech can make a real difference to family life.

Three brainier bathrooms automations
Home automation offers a lot more than asking a smart speaker to play your favourite song in the morning. From setting the scene to watching for leaks, the right set-up can create a more calming experience.

Keeping on schedule: The ability to schedule activities is great for making daily life easier. For example, turning on heating, heated towel rails and lighting to a soft shine to create a comforting environment in winter, or a bright light and air conditioning in summer to help you feel energised. A good system will allow you to set different times for different days, perfect for weekend lie-ins.
Water warning: If you’re worried about the bath overflowing, or kids splashing around too much, a water leakage sensor is a must-have. It can be set to ping your phone if it detects excessive water so you can assess the situation. Humidity sensors can also trigger extractor fans and heated mirrors automatically should the room become too steamy.
Combined control: Smart systems allow you to combine multiple functions into one ‘Moment’. With simple ‘Automation’ functions, that can be set to happen at a certain time, or when a sensor is activated. This could include lighting, heating and music set to come on before you head to your morning shower.
Three clever kitchen hacks
If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the home automation system is its brain. Often connected to dining and alfresco areas, the kitchen is a place to come together with family and friends where smart use of home automation can make for a more effortless experience.

Getting everyone to the table: Smart sockets allow homeowners to control anything they plug in via their phone, from turning on the kettle, to more complex moments. The latter could include adjusting heating, lighting, and music under one ‘dinner’ moment and even a command to turn off TVs and gaming consoles to get the kids to the table.
Lighten up (or down): Motion sensors are great in kitchens or butler's pantries when your hands are full or messy from cooking. Connected smart speakers allow you to turn lights, heating and appliances on and off with a simple spoken command.
Wiser about water: Much like bathrooms, kitchens can get steamy and there are concerns about overflowing water. Humidity and leak sensors can provide an early warning to any issues helping homeowners avoid damage and mould.
Home automation has an almost unending number of applications to make life easier so families can focus on what matters most, being together. Thanks to its scalability, Clipsal Wiser Smart Home is available through trained Club Clipsal Wiser Approved Installers and affiliated builders who can help homeowners create spaces that work for them and their lifestyle today and simply upgrade as their needs change in the future. For more information visit

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