Saturday 16 October 2021

Fabulous and Functional - Creating a Child’s Dream Room!

Renovating continues to be at an all-time high as Australian homeowners are increasingly choosing to stay put and transform their properties into their dream ‘forever’ homes. Forever is a long time, however, when it comes to children’s rooms, they will require quite a number of updates along the way.

Luckily when it comes to designing a room for your little one there is a lot of scope, with many opportunities to capture the imagination and inspire creativity. Creating a haven for your child to grow into should be a fun and rewarding process.
South House by Sara and Hayden
Former Block winners, Hayden and Sara Vale, have recently completed their latest project, ‘South House’, transforming an old South Coast house into a luxury home. Sara loved creating the kid’s bedrooms, taking their little personalities into consideration, while ensuring there was some cohesiveness that worked within the house. With careful planning she was able to deliver rooms well suited to the children’s current needs with scope for updates as they grow.

Each striking room encompasses a highly-efficient layout with plenty of storage as well as desk nooks that will take the kids through from their pre-primary to high school needs. A mix of a softer colour palette in each room is accented by touches of pattern and colour presenting a balanced, yet luxurious feel.
Taking time when renovating a child’s room to thoroughly research and consider all options, and understand the importance of using the right type of building materials can really impact the longevity. They used Gyprock Superchek™ for their plastered walls because they knew the kids would be knocking about and it’s a hard-wearing plasterboard. They also knew we wanted to create a quieter environment. The increased density of the plasterboard reduces the sound transmitted between rooms, so even with young children this can have a big impact.
According to Renee McGinty, General Manager of Marketing for Gyprock, kid’s bedrooms and entertainment rooms are typical areas that need to be considered for noise transfer. With some basic understanding of building acoustics and careful consideration of the room use and layout you can create quiet zones where you need them and keep noise contained.

The Block 2021 House 5
Kirsty and Jesse, 2021’s Blockheads from House 5, stole the limelight recently with their presentation of a stunning little girl’s bedroom. They have achieved a whimsical aesthetic with a palette of muted pink and white, creating a look that is both fresh and dreamy.
Opting to paper a feature wall in a stunning floral pattern that pairs back to the finishes, has assisted in creating an overall feeling that is both sophisticated and childlike. With a practical reading nook at the far end of the room, the space can easily be converted from tea parties with well-loved dolls to Tik Tok dance parties with friends.

Adding further to the sophisticated appeal, Kirsty and Jesse have selected Gyprock’s Concerto™ cornice which balances perfectly with the other interior design features of the room, providing an attractive finish at the junction of the wall and ceiling.
Refresh with Cornice
For a modest upgrade investment cornice can make a stylish impact that suits the changing needs of a child’s bedroom. It’s an important feature of design that can instantly frame a space. The gentle curves of the Concerto make it one of the most adaptable styles in the Gyprock cornice range, choosing to paint it a contrasting colour to the walls can have a bold, dramatic or whimsical effect. In contrast the smooth, streamlined profile of the Aria™ cornice is subtly elegant and perfect for an upgrade to a slightly older space.
Top Tips by Gyprock
Gyprock shares its top tips, demonstrating that with careful consideration at the planning stage you can create a child’s dream domain that is as fabulous as it is functional:

 - Planning is important when it comes to updating interiors for children, while the space should reflect individual preferences, ease of design modification is key as interests develop and change.

- Opt for decorations that are easy to install and remove or simple and cost effective to modify. “Cornice is an excellent consideration when decorating a child’s bedroom as it can offer a myriad of functional and aesthetic benefits that are relatively easy to achieve,” says Renee.

- Think about the child’s needs relative to their age and interests. An older child will need a designated homework or computer station so be sure to consider this when you are planning the layout of the room.

- Alongside decorative finishes, durability is an important consideration. The walls are going to see a lot of change and experience many scuffs and scrapes throughout the years, so they will need to be durable.

- Noise transfer is also important when it comes to designing a space for growing, playful kids.
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