Wednesday 23 March 2022

6 Tips For Making Your Kitchen Look Modern And Trendy

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why most of us like to keep it functional and looking great. Of course, with so many yummy meals and sweet memories being made in this space on a regular basis, it can start to look a little worn. 

A complete makeover is expensive and disruptive, so how do you give this important space a boost without committing to a complete transformation? With just a few adjustments and smart purchases, you’ll soon have your kitchen looking modern and stylish.
Ditch The Dirty & Decrepit
One of the easiest ways to instantly improve the look of a kitchen is to get rid of items that bring the aesthetic down. Think old tea towels, grubby scales, manky sponges, and a fridge covered in bills.

To address this, recycle or bin anything that’s broken. Deep clean anything that’s dirty, and replace any broken parts of things that are otherwise beautiful. If your cookware has seen better days, update it for a stainless steel cookware set. With all these tactics combined, you can expect an instant kitchen beauty boost with very little effort.
Paint Your Kitchen A Lighter Colour
Lighter colours brighten any space, especially if the current walls are a little bit worn and faded. Painting your cabinets is another easy way to brighten up your kitchen, especially if they look a little dated and could benefit from a new look. 
Add Some Art
Art is transformative for any space, and it’s an easy way to modernise your kitchen, especially if you’re renting and you can’t switch much up.

Try transforming the space with some gorgeous nature-based images like serene landscapes, botanical diagrams or photos of tropical leaves. This could even boost your health as science tells us that natural scenes can be healing and reduce our stress levels. 
Style It Out
Sometimes, the base of the kitchen design is modern and stylish, but there is something missing in the overall look and feel of the space. This is where styling comes in. It’s a cheap and clever way to instantly make a space look more modern and updated, and one you can change depending on current trends, the seasons, or even how you’re feeling on the day. Think flowers, plants, fresh fruit, and bright, beautiful tea towels. If you have a seating area, you could also add fresh and modern cushions and throws. 
Let The Light In
The way you play with light in your kitchen can totally transform how it looks and feels. Recessed lights, strip lights and hanging lights are just some examples of unique lighting styles used for different uses and to create different moods.

In the daytime, let natural light flood in. Natural light is known to be a health boost and it also ensures your kitchen looks as large and illuminated as possible. 
Splash For A New Backsplash
A new backsplash can be an easy win when it comes to making your kitchen look more modern and stylish. There are lots of ways to do it cheaply – you can even use peel-and-stick tiles for maximum effect and minimum effort. 
Hopefully, the ideas above have inspired you to make your kitchen look more stylish and modern. With just a few small changes, you can enjoy an updated space that gives you the welcoming vibes all dream kitchens should.

Till next time... how will you transform your kitchen? 

Image source: Pinterest

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